Consequences in the Pursuit of Knowledge?

The pursuit of scientific knowledge may not always be without consequences.

Is this a good thing?

It appears some scientists have recreated an extinct influenza virus. Maybe you read about it in history (probably not) when you were a child. It was known as the Spanish Flu. Here’s a bit of copy-pasta from the article:

The extinct influenza virus that caused the worst flu pandemic in history has been recreated from fragments of avian flu found in wild ducks in a controversial experiment to show how easy it would be for the deadly flu strain to reemerge today.
Scientists said the study involved infecting laboratory ferrets with close copies of the 1918 virus – which was responsible for the Spanish Flu pandemic that killed an estimated 50 million people – to see how easy it can be transmitted in the best animal model of the human disease.

Yes, that flu virus. Read the entire article though. There are two sides to most stories and the article does present the other side fairly well. Research should continue to produce better vaccines for influenza and no one, except those Dr.’s of Google U. should be against it.

Read the whole thing.

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