Vaccinate Your Kids, Idiots!



This will be my third blog for the day, but I just read something that is very disturbing to me. I don’t understand, and never have, the refusal of parents to have their children vaccinated against diseases that are easily prevented. Here we are though, in the 21st century, where a lot of people receive their information about medicine, and other science, via Google University or whatever outlet suits their bias on whatever topic is presented.

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Liars: Entitled, and Privileged



My friend Sarah Braasch has a blog. If you’re unaware of it, here’s a link to it. I’ve written quite a few words about what happened to her. I won’t provide the links here, most of you have probably already read my posts. If you haven’t use the “Search” on the homepage here and look her up. I wasn’t going to write anything about her or her situation, at least in the near term. I thought I had said most of what I could for now. But today, she had a post of her emails between herself and Yale that made me respond, “Wow!”.

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I Don’t ‘Believe’ in Science


I read a headline the other day from Harrison Ford who state that we need to elect candidates that believe in science. Of course that’s a dig at Republicans who are regularly accused by the other side of not accepting scientific evidence. Yes, he’s just an actor and I rarely ever consider anything some entertainer says because in this case especially, it would be nice if those making statements like this actually understood basic science.

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Evidential Proof of Jesus?


As I’ve mentioned on multiple occasions, I don’t debate with Christians. I used to, and in fact had what I’d call a discussion with two on Twitter recently. That’s very unusual for me to do, but sometimes I see something that appears so outrageous I have to comment. My comment wasn’t meant to start any thing, but it did. Mainly, I avoid these interactions because no matter what is said on either side, no one’s going to be convinced of the other argument.

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