Free Education? Hey, This is America.

On the way into work this morning, I heard an interesting, no shocking news story on NPR.

What, you say, a conservative listens to NPR? Yeah, I do. Overall it has a better variety of news than anywhere else. I would almost bet you won’t hear this story on television.

It looks like Starbucks is going to offer employees free online college education. You read that correctly. Starbucks has completed an agreement with Arizona State University (yes, a real university) to provide education for it’s employees.

The deal looks very good for the Baristas. Starbucks will cover all tuition. That’s as much as $10,000 a year. The employee can major in whatever they want and there’s no condition attached to work for Starbucks after graduation.

There’s got to be a catch though, right? Well, yes, but it’s not onerous. To receive free tuition, the employee must already have a 2 year (associates) degree. Thos with less than that will receive tuition assistance, but not full tuition. Also, the employee must work 20 hours a week minimum.

Now, what if you already have a degree? I don’t know as the story didn’t discuss that but I believe I can assume that this program is to help those without a bachelors degree and want to complete their education.

Good for Starbucks. And their employees. All 135,000 of them.

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