Be a Reader, Not a Follower



I read quite a bit. I read books, have two magazine subscriptions (Popular Mechanics and Archeology) and read a lot of online content. I like reading. I enjoy fiction, history, science, even politics; Whatever I can put my hands on. It’s the way I was raised. My parents, neither of them college graduates, read constantly, even when the TV was on! As a child, of course I saw my parents doing that, and so I did it as well. My best memory as a child was not the day I received my drivers license, but when my Mother took me to the library to get a Library Card, in my name. I think I was six.

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Why Reading is Important


Child reading  pile of books.

This is a subject I’ve wanted to write about for years. Why I haven’t until now? Well, other topics rose to the top of my list and I have always pushed it back down thinking no one is really interested in this topic. Buy we all should. It’s increasingly obvious over the years that, generally, people don’t read anymore. There are friends of mine that are , or seem to be astute in several areas but when asked they tell me they received the information from some television program. I’m not saying that’s bad, but if someone wants to become a Subject Matter Expert, even as an amatier on. something, they need to read.

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Is Atheism Determined By Education?



It seems to me that most atheists consider believers as poorer and less educated than they are. That may be true, but I have never found any statistics to verify that claim. Are there those from less privileged homes more likely to believe in God? Who’s to say. Polls indicate that atheists are more educated but what does that really indicate?

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Why Not Trade School?


I think we’ve all made what may be considered poor decisions in our lives. At the time, the decision may have appeared to be the best at the time. We may even have given considerable thought beforehand. Then, things change, as they eventually do, and that decision was probably not the best one to make at the time.

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Understanding the Subject

I rarely participate in online debates with believers. There was a time when I would, but I came to not only find the person I was in discussion with insincere, but also not very knowledgeable in the topics they want to challenge. The one I’ve come across the most is Evolutionary Theory. Believers want to argue against evolution without having the most basic understanding of the subject.

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