Swing and a Miss

So D.J. Grothe tweets out an interesting article from Reason magazine concerning feminism on the Internet. I’m sure he was expecting a little of what I call “blowback”.

If you’re interested, here’s the article(Full disclosure: I subscribe to Reason). It’s a good read and really blasts those feminists that will not support women that are on the “wrong side” of feminism.

The section in the magazine is called “Hit & Run” and consists of short articles on specific topics.

I’m sure none of us will see any of the really nasty tweets he’s bound to receive and I know I could search his timeline, but this one came in very quickly after.

Unless I completely misunderstand his reply to her (possible), I don’t think he was dismissing the article.

It really shows how clueless some of these so-called feminists are, doesn’t it?

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