Playing the Victim?

Is “Turnabout is Fair play” applicable here?

I’m referring to this article from Ms. Magazine. They’re complaining that it’s not right for men that have been “adjudicated” (on campus only) for sexual assault, even rape, are suing these universities.

Let’s be clear, of the suits mentioned in the article, none of the alleged perpetrators were ever charged or convicted in a criminal court. They were “tried” on campus where the only testimony against them was that of the alleged victim. Even when the accused had witnesses, they were still “convicted” and either suspended or expelled from the university.

They’re suing now and some feminists think it’s terrible. It’s called “entitlement” for the accused. They are now “playing the victim”. Sound familiar?

I have never understood one thing about all of these cases: If there was truly a sexual assault/rape, why was it only reported to the campus kangaroo court? Oh wait! In most cases, the police were called in to investigate as well and..nope, no charges filed. Not because of patriarchy either.

There were no charges filed because the police did an extensive investigation, interviews, evidence gathering, and found that there was nothing charge anyone.

The next step? Well, let’s let the kangaroo court handle it. Even though there’s a quote here that the process favored the alleged, in none of the cases was the accused found innocent.

Sounds fair to me.

I hope all of these suits result in large penalties against these universities. At minimum they’ll settle for some substantial, but less than they’d have to pay if they lost in court, cash.

Maybe after universities lose a few of these, as a whole they’ll rethink their policies.

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