Smacking Down Purveyors of Woo

It was great to see the news story of Dr. Oz getting raked across the coals the other day by a Senate panel. I hope they start doing more of exposing frauds in “medicine”.

They could install confidence in the public and show their contempt for these people by defunding NCCAM. Yes, your government pays for a center to study CAM, under the NIH. Millions of dollars a year wasted. But hey, it provides some quack “scientists” a job.

The next thing is maybe give the F.D.A more authority to regulate these “remedies”. I’m not big on giving government agencies sweeping authority over people’s lives, but if carefully crafted, they might be able to keep harmful products off the shelf.

Recall the Zicam scandal in 2009? That should’ve been a wakeup call. Nope. Carry on purveyors of woo. Let’s see how many can be conned into buying ineffectual and potentially harmful products in the next year.

As skeptics, we need to start speaking up about this fraud more and more. We make a lot of jokes about it, but when there’s life and health of people involved, joke time should be over. We need to petition our representatives to put a stop to this nonsense. Insist, if you belong to a skeptical organization, that they become actively involved, if they’re not, raising awareness not only to the public, but our officials of the danger of these completely unregulated “remedies’.

Let’s strive to make the word homeopathy obsolete.

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