The Media Double Standard

Is there actually a secret war on black Republicans?

There’s an article today in the Daily Beast that discusses this topic. Oh, and it’s not written by a conservative, but a liberal. It’s really a well written article and brings up several interesting points about being black and Republican.

The main thrust of this article appears to be how when a black Republican is verbally attacked, being called an “Oreo” or “uncle Tom”, it receives no media coverage outside the normal conservative media.

The authors’ first example is of a black woman, Republican congressional candidate in Florida and how a billboard of hers was vandalized (painted with “white face”).

Here’s a comparison of what kind of attention her incident received versus some stupidity that occurred in Nebraska:

But once the incident was made public on June 29, only conservative and local outlets seemed to really treat it like major news. By comparison, a Nebraska parade float that featured an outhouse marked “Obama Presidential Library” drew international press attention last week due to its perceived racial connotations.

It seems, at least to the people quoted in the article, that race based attacks on black conservatives receive little or no attention in the press, while those same race based attacks on non-conservatives, make headlines.

“When the [Republican] Party tries to call attention to it basically the press just yawns,”[Michael] Steele said.

There does appear to be a double standard, at least in the press. We should start paying attention to the kind of treatment any candidate of any party receives and make sure that incidents outlined in this article come to an end.

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