Pro-choice? We Need Better Representation

This doesn’t help:

Of course it’s all over conservative web sites right now.

2 thoughts on “Pro-choice? We Need Better Representation

  1. When it’s labeled a “War on Women” there are those who’ll consider it a war, and treat their opponents as the enemy.

    We’re all familiar with the pro-life zealots who feel justified in blowing up Planned Parenthood offices. But in recent years, I see progressives doing most of the demonizing & dehumanizing of political opponents. This is alarming, and a conscious effort to galvanize support on the Left for a president and Congress who regularly betray liberal values & ideals. The only possible motivation for opposing obama’s policies, we are told, is racism. The only possible motivation for opposing abortion, misogyny.

    And thus are those who disagree with us transformed from fellow citizens with incorrect assumptions, to evil, heartless monsters. We abandon persuasion, and indulge in orwellian Hate Hours.

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