Howard Stern Defends Israel

Well, this is a little surprising, at least to me.
I’m not a fan of Howard Stern. He used to have a show on the “E!” network I believe that I occasionally watched, but that was years ago.

In this clip, Stern defends Israel to a caller on his show. He gets pretty rough with the person:

One thought on “Howard Stern Defends Israel

  1. I was a fan of Howard Stern when I was maybe 14. Like most online “confrontations” I see nowadays, he made sure his was the loudest(and only)voice that got heard. Definitely not my first choice for a stable, moral role model. Maybe someone will post a rebuttal, something along the lines of, “blah, blah, blah, zionist run media!!” Also, where the eff does “same thing with the black people” thing come in? Is that still a thing?!


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