Another State Sanctioned Murder

It’s another sad day for America.

I just saw this over my Twitter feed:

I’ve been following this the last few days and I was hoping against all hope that the Supreme Court would intervene. They didn’t.

Then, just today, the Arizona Supreme Court received a last minute (hour) appeal. Again, a refusal.

As you know if you’re a regular reader here, I am against the death penalty. My dissension has nothing to do with the economics of applying this horrific measure, or even the idea that there are some that can never be rehabilitated back to society.

My objection is that I don’t believe The State has a right to take someone’s life, no matter how terrible the crime. Yes, I understand a jury of “peers” judged him guilty and in this case applied the death penalty. I don’t agree that juries should have that option. Ever.

Why is it so abhorrent to some that we just lock up those believed to be incorrigible for life without parole? Why is it in our society we believe that we must have blood for blood?

There’s no such thing as receiving closure, as some would want you to believe. A violent death of a friend or a loved one stays forever. Executing the perpetrator, the person responsible, doesn’t make that grief go away. It’s there forever.

We need to start telling our elected representatives that we no longer believe in “an eye for an eye” type of justice. Let’s end state sanctioned murder, now.

One thought on “Another State Sanctioned Murder

  1. 1) The death penalty is proven to be not a deterrent to the crimes that carry it;
    2) Family & friends of the victim receive, at best, a momentary sense of satisfaction. But long-term, the pain & loss are indelible — there is no such thing as ‘closure’;
    3) Capital punishment may serve as vengeance for society as a whole; but vengeance is an inchoate, primitive and unhealthy pursuit, one unfit for a modern society;
    4) Capital punishment does not save on costs, rather is more expensive than life imprisonment;
    5) There is always the risk of executing a wrongly convicted innocent person.

    No valid justifications for the death penalty exist. IMO, public executions demean us as a society, bringing us down to the level of those we put to death. Life without parole is the rational solution.

    Our entire criminal justice & penal system is schizophrenic — we cannot decide whether the point is: to deter crime, to punish. to reform, or simply to remove wrongdoers from good society,


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