I Had a Visit

Well, this is a first.

I’ve lived here for coming up on 10 years. I’ve had this home for over 8.

A few minutes ago, the doorbell rang and of course I answered the door. Two young men, dark pants, white, short sleeved shirts, and ties.

Before they even spoke I said to myself, Mormons.

Sure enough, that’s what they were. You know the rest of the story if you’ve ever had a visit. I just told them I was interested and then said, “I’m an atheist”. No immediate reaction but that ended the encounter.

Now, in the past, I’ve had multiple visits from the Jehovahs Witnesses. Then a few years ago I asked them not to return. They haven’t. Here’s what’s interesting about the JW’s though: it’s always women. There’s children with them and even those children are female.

Where are the men?

Of course, with LDS, it’s always young men. I always wonder why the young women are not required to do the same thing. Now I recall. I lived in Salt Lake City a long time ago for a year. It’s an interesting city and not what you might think.

I moved from Southern California to SLC for my job at the time. I want to say upfront that I loved my time there. It’s a really great city with a lot of great people. The LDS never rang my doorbell while I lived there. I did find something particularly disturbing.

Right after I moved there, I worked in a building downtown. As I was approaching the entrance one morning, I saw 2 or 3 young women, teenagers, walking with strollers on the sidewalk.

You might see where i’m going here but I’ll continue. I made the statement to a colleague that it was interesting to see older sisters with their younger siblings.

The response shocked me at the time. Nope, those children were those young women’s children.

Well, I discovered at that time that the legal age for marriage in Utah was 14. I hope that’s changed. I don’t know and I’m really not that interested currently.

What’s your experience with LDS?

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