Learning the Hard Way

Last evening, in a Twitter conversation, some of us we’re discussing the latest kerfuffle between Mick Nugent and The Usual Suspects.

What I found interesting is the fact that, as I wrote about before, it looked as if Mick had awakened to the realization that there are some that do nothing but attempt to generate controversy with the atheist world.

Some said that he really knew about this all along, but I disagree to a certain extent. Most atheists likely have no idea about this so-called “rift” between atheists and even if they do, probably don’t give a damn about it. Mick was aware, but I don’t think he was aware of the extent of the madness that has crept into a small, but vocal, subset of self-professed skeptics and atheists.

He’s learning the hard way what many of us have known for a few years now: dare to disagree or call out bad behavior, become a target yourself.

3 thoughts on “Learning the Hard Way

  1. I’m not sure how long he’s known about the rift, but he’s been writing about it at least since early 2013. He was the one who tried to organize a dialogue between some of the key players in March of 2013. What does seem to have changed since then is his take on PZ.


    • Yes, I wrote in an earlier post how he tried to have a dialogue started between the two “sides” but I really don’t think he understood how nasty some could be. It’s when they started attacking Dawkins, for pretty much anything he said, is when he took a harder look at to the vitriol at Dawkins, Harris, Coyne, Krause, Grothe, and even Blackford (some he named in his original post) that it started to hit home about the depth.


  2. I suppose it has become increasingly clear that some of those attacking Dawkins, etc. have no interest in healing the rift. They are benefiting too much from its existence.


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