Attacking Women is Not The Same as Attacking Feminism

Would you believe it? Someone has such an obsession with Christina Hoff Sommers that she’s either posted directly about her, or uncharitably mentioned her in 35 blog posts.

Of course, I’m referring to the Grande Dame with her continuing rant against Somers. The latest post is no better and of course, there’s no argument against anything that Sommers says. Well, except for this:

Nanananana, feminism is a big poopyhead.

She cannot understand how a woman can make a living attacking (oh noes!) feminism. I wonder if Ms. Benson ever thinks before she writes? I would guess not because it appears she’s making a living attacking other women.

24 posts mentioning Sara Mayhew
9 posts referring to Miranda Hale
2 posts with Ambrosiax

That’s just 3 women I quickly searched her site to discover. It appears on just that data, there’s another obsession, this time with Sara.

Nothing new for this crowd though because, It’s okay when we do it.

Pitiful and disgusting.

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