Developing an UnBiased Survey of Gamers

So I had a brief Twitter conversation with my friend clownshoe concerning my post GamerGate: The Data Doesn’t Lie. We were discussing some of the data I presented.

Clownshoe’s response to the data I used about the percentages of men and women that play games was this:

Okay, I can understand that. The ESA data seemed to me at the time to be the most exhaustive I could find while researching the post.

Thinking about this further I was wondering if we could somehow put together a completely independent survey that does not use data from the industry and is as unbiased as possible.

This would have to be an online survey of course but how to prevent people from spamming the survey is the question. I’m not sure it’s possible other than to trust people to enter their responses only once. I don’t know if there is a free online service that can at least partially ensure at least a modicum of accuracy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The survey would be fairly simple: ask for an age range, gender, hours a week the respondent plays games, race (Asian, Black, Caucasian, Hispanic, etc.). That’s a pretty simple demographic I believe. Of course there could always be additional questions that venture into income, geographic region, console, PC, or mobile device gaming. You see where I’m going.

I guess I’ll do a little research over the weekend and try to determine if there’s a site that can guarantee some level of security/accuracy and I’ll post more about this later.

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