Silence of the Anti-GamerGate Harpies

By today, I was certain I would see the detractors of GamerGate on the Internet with their counter talking points, foisting upon their readers their continuous, harpy-like narrative of how GamerGate representatives at the SPJAirPlay event over the weekend were coddled by the SPJ and never really challenged on any of their points. I am sad to report that there’s not been a peep out of them as of this writing.
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#GamerGate, Journalism, and Bombthreats

I’m not sure how this afternoon session at SPJAirplay is going to be able to move forward. Not because of the 10 bomb several bomb (edit: apparently there’s been two bomb threats but the latest was actually called into the police.) threats they’ve had so far (if you haven’t been watching, they just evacuated the auditorium again (about 1138 PDT).
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