You Missed the Point Completely

I saw this little post from one of The Usual Suspects and although in the main, I agree with what’s being said, I don’t think he understands how the idea of privilege having been corrupted by those same Social Justice advocates that he’s always on about.

What he forgets to mention is the harm the term has caused. Whenever a white, heterosexual man dares to speak about anything that has to do with race, or gender for example, their always told to “shut up and listen” (I’ve actually experienced this).

It’s nice that he admits it’s okay to be such a person but no where does he bother to mention that in some circles (his) those that are outside of that circle are not allowed to speak to issues they perceive in society. Opinions on issues that don’t conform to the beehive are not allowed. They’re often defamed and of course, the “Hoarde” are encouraged to pile on in comments and to even attack on Twitter (not explicitly, but when you don’t actively discourage a behavior, it often occurs).

So really, the point is not being comfortable with your privilege, and using it to better others, it’s others perceiving your privilege as toxic.

4 thoughts on “You Missed the Point Completely

  1. I agree that some use the concept of privilege to shut out some who want to participate in the conversation. But I don’t think this is a more salient point than the one PZ made. Not recognizing and acknowledging the existence of privilege handicaps efforts to make society better in general and the lives of members of some groups in particular.

    The abusive use of the term by some has caused harm, but this harm has been, in my opinion, far less than the harm caused by not acknowledging the existence of privilege. The concept of privilege has been a very useful and productive research program in the social sciences.


    • He used a tweet by Dawkins that I believe was making the point I did in the post. The concept of “privilege” in some circles is not just about being rich, white, hetreo, male(female), and using that to help others less privileged, it’s become an epithet that SJW’s use to try to silence others.


  2. I don’t think Dawkins was making the point you think he was. I think he was dismissing the idea of privilege. I think he was mocking the whole idea of privilege. If I am right, then PZ was right to say what he said. This said, your reply has me wondering if I understood just what point you were trying to make. If I understood it correctly, you were arguing that the concept of privilege has been used by some in a abusive manner to stifle debate. If this was your point, I did not interpret Dawkins’ tweet as making this point.


  3. “The concept of privilege has been a very useful and productive research program in the social sciences.”

    Care to provide some concrete samples, Dogma? Or is this YA one of your unsupported assertions that rightly ought to end with ‘it is known, kaleesi.’

    ‘Useful’ and ‘productive’ are not terms I generally associate with the social sciences.


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