The Problem With ‘Privilege’



It seems that whenever I turn on news (cable news) on the television, or read something I may consider newsworthy online, the subject or privilege is ever present. Of course it’s all about white privilege, and yes, many of those that are disgusted with it are themselves, well, white. I don’t understand how a person can dislike themselves to the degree that they disdain their race. It’s not like any of us had a choice, it’s just the way it is and I think we too often use the word privilege as an attempt to cover up our own deep seated racism,

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The Tyranny of Privilege


I have never really understood the fear and loathing of atheists by Christians. For some odd reason, we’re the perpetual bad guys in everything. We’re the ones that are destroying America. Imagine a tiny percentage of the population having that much power when probably most of the 3.1% that identify as atheist are not activists.

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