GamerGate: Are You Becoming Your Opponents?

There’s a new page up by some GamerGate supporters, The idea seems to be to expose journalists that are are “unethical” in their reviews of games and especially, their view of those gamers (and others) that support GamerGate. A few words here.

Stop it. Just stop it. What you are doing, those GamerGate supporters that are participating in this is that you are dong the exact same thing you’ve complained about for the last several months: creating a blacklist.

For months, GamerGate supporters have complained about Twitter “blockbots”, a virtual blacklist of people whose ideas and opinions are deemed unacceptable. By creating a “page of shame” or whatever you want to call it, what are you doing? Exactly the same. If there are true ethical violations, then report those. Calling someone out because they thought a game was over sexualized? Come on!

What some are showing are that they are no better than their opponents. Here’s a tweet from someone I know:

Full disclosure. I’ve been “talking” to her for a while now. Yes, she’s an administrator of the original Atheism Plus Blockbot. Here’s what I’ve found: A very reasonable person. Not someone that, just because you disagree decides to call you a name then automatically block you from their Twitter timeline. I’m going to go far here and actually refer to her as a friend. Yep, damn me to hell for considering a reasonable person a friend.

Note the tweet though. What’s she’s saying is that GamerGate is doing exactly what GamerGate supporters and others have been accusing the “other side” of for months. She’s right. You’re wrong. Creating a blacklist of journalists to start. Where does it end? Do suddenly anyone that happens to disagree with the goals of GamerGate are added? Yes, a slippery-slope argument but I can tell you with certainty, I’ve seen it before.

Delete the page. If you have issues with specific journalists then email their editors – as you’ve done before (that’s how GamerGate won the initial barrage, remember?). Starting a blacklist page, of any kind, whether it is done with the best intentions (as was, the original A+ Blockbot by the way) or just out of some sort of retributive reason, doesn’t represent the best of GamerGate.

So, last words: Stop it.

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