E-Beggings Finest Hour

Has feminism come full circle? I’ve been watching the #GiveYourMoneyToWomen hashtag today and it’s been fun to watch. It’s not just fun but, to me, shows an incredible lack of self awareness for those supporters.

The reason it’s incredible is up to now, feminists have had no desire to receive any sort of help from men, unless it’s for actual work performed. Now it seems like they’re begging for men (I’m assuming they’re not asking women to give money to other women) to give up their spare change. Why?

Is it because that some have discovered they are talentless hacks that are unable to make a living due to poor life choices? Maybe it’s because they believe they’re entitled. Of course, we all know that these tweets we’re seeing are from the perpetually oppressed.

I actually wouldn’t have an issue helping someone out if they were actually in need. I’m going to guess though that any monies received will go to a new iPhone, or computer, or some other item that only first worlders would claim as a necessity.

I suggest the following: claim Internet harassment, death and rape threats by the gazillion, start a Patreon, and watch your coffers fill. We’ve all seen that before haven’t we?

2 thoughts on “E-Beggings Finest Hour

  1. I watched a bit of that hashtag yesterday too when I could pull myself away from #manspreading. I’d have to agree with your characterization as involving an astounding lack of awareness. Pretty remarkable. If this is modern feminism, it certainly has gone downhill.


  2. “If this is modern feminism, it certainly has gone downhill.”

    The important part in this statement being “If this is modern feminism.” It isn’t. Only someone who has not been and is not paying attention to feminism as a whole would think that this hashtag represents feminism in general or at large.


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