GamerGate: Some May Not Get The Joke

Remember this on the day of the GamerGate in DC party? Arthur Chu tweets out something that many took to be some sort of veiled threat.

Of course, later he denied it was any kind of threat, just that after “tonight” he wasn’t going to have anything more to do/say about GamerGate. All well and good.

Then, a few hours later, there was this tweet:

Most people thought this was just some troll, but still, it was disconcerting. As I recall there were a few people concerned that something may happen at the event. Well, as everyone knows, there was an evacuation after midnight due to a bomb threat. Of course, no one was hurt, only inconvenienced, but the incident brought into sharp focus the level of hate that some have for any and all GamerGate supporters.

What this showed is that it’s not GamerGate that are the terrorists but those that have been opposed to the movement. The incident became a minor victory of sorts. Since then, at least in my timeline on Twitter, I see little to none of the vitriolic rhetoric coming from the anti’s. Would you want to be associated with bomb threats?

The today, on the eve of the GamerGate meetup in San Francisco, a supporter tweeted this:

Of course this idiot was suspended. I can’t believe anyone would have an issue with that happening. Some did, calling it “speech” and a “joke”, but then, what about the above tweets from anti-GamerGate? If you notice, there was even someone that favorited the tweet.

I realize it’s only a single tweet, and people do stupid things all the time, but with all the effort that has gone into fighting the misconception that GamerGate supporters are haters and terrorists, is something like this really necessary?

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