Redditors: Voat With Your Feet

A while ago, a friend let me know he was able to get into Looks like it’s up and handling users for now. It actually looks like a lot of people have already reguistered based on the front page. I’d like to see some actual statistics ipof users though, which I’m sure Voat will publish at some point.

I actually like it. As someone new to these platforms, I like the “look and feel” of Voat over Reddit. You may disagree. As I mentioned in my earlier post from today though, it’s always good to have an alternative.

If you’re one that’s seriously pissed off at Reddit, then it looks like you have an alternative, for now.

Will Voat “kill off” Reddit? I seriously doubt it but there’s no harm in sending a message is there?

Why not give Voat a try. At this point, id you’re serious about #RedditRevolt, do you have anything to lose?

Note that in the image on this post (that I copied from the site of course) Voat is in alpha. Like any new service, there’s bound to be hiccups now and again, especially if the user base increases dramatically in a short period of time.

As an aside, since Reddit users are known as redditors, how would Voat users be referred to?

2 thoughts on “Redditors: Voat With Your Feet

    • Is that for real or just your “Voat”? I thought about that as well when I was writing this post but I didn’t want to appear to be too snarky.


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