The Hypocrisy of SJW Tactics

I was posting a link over at Voat, in my subverse ( and the blog post I shared from one of The Usual Suspects started me thinking about the behavior of SJW’s in general. Nothing of my thought process was new, or even surprising and I am sure that many of you reading this might agree.

The post I am referring to is titled Disparaging Humor and had more to do with the fallout from Tim Hunt’s resignation recently for his sexist remarks to a group of women in a speech he gave.

As many of you are probably already aware, the Times of London have published an account of the speech which clearly shows that Hunt’s remark, which became viral alost overnight, was taken completely out of context. The article is behind a paywall, but Richard Dawkins posted a piece from The Independent which seems to cover the relevant facts.

What I find interesting is that, even with this evidence, SJW’s (the one mentioned above especially) have a tendency to double down and not retract anything they have previously written about any topic they have been shown by countervailing facts, to be wrong. Instead, they seem, like in the post above to try and come from another angle to show, as that post did, that any sort of sexist or racist humor is unacceptable (Where racism comes into this, I have no idea, but that’s Queen Bee for you.).

But, as we tend to say, It’s okay when we do it, meaning that SJW’s are often guilty of the most rank hypocrisy. Here’s a video from Skepticon 3 in 2010 which I believe exeplifies this point. Note that throughout his presentation, PZ Myers makes sexist, remarks. Even before he begins, while setting up his slide presentation, he comments to the woman introducung him “Do your belly dance”. Haha. Funny, right?

Well, that’s exactly what the SJW’s will tell you if you confront them with any example where any of them have employed humor. In fact, that was the exact retort when Myers was confronted with this very video. His sycophants all described it as humor only and that he was not actually propositioning the woman in the video that came up to the podium to assist him in his presentation.

Now, however, just 5 years later, at best it might be refrred to as disparaging humor. Of course, this video is of one of their own, the inner circle of the SJW cabal, and of course he didn’t mean what he said in what looks to be to the viewer, sexist remarks.

Another more recent example is the Redford/Stollznow court case where Stolloznow accused Radford of all sorts of ugliness, including sexual assault. When this first occurred, 2 years ago, the The Usual Suspects were all over it, ot being surprised at all by Radfords alleged behavior. When Stollznow suddenly retracted recently, there was silence until the retraction was brought directly to their attention. Then, the excuse? I didn’t know. I haven’t been following this situation, but Radford’s still a bad guy.

No one of course believed any of these statements because all of the people I refer to live their entire lives online. Hell, they are constantly performing vanity searches to see if anyone is talking about them.

The SJW mob, as usual, make a mockery of themselves with their actions. What becomes hilarious is how blind they are to that fact.

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