Play Sports, Not Politics


Why are we insistent in politicizing sports events? I’m a soccer fan and it annoys me to no end that these teams in the U.S. and around the world virtue signal by wearing warm-ups with “Black Lives Matter” emblazoned on them and then before the match begins, everyone, players, coaches, staff, kneel. It’s disgusting and fans don’t care for it.

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Waking Up From Being ‘Woke’



I don’t know how many have been paying attention, but david Silverman is trying to make a comeback of sorts – attempting to resuscitate his career in atheism, I guess. I don’;t know exactly why, because during the worst times of the schism, he was relatively silent. In fact, if anything he supported the tactics of what is now referred to those considered woke. I first noticed when he did this long, extremely cringeworthy interview recently with Atheist Republic. I could only get to the one-hour point, although I did go back and attempt to watch more. I believe everyone should have a chance, a voice, especially when they’re trying to resore a reputation that may have been damaged by false accusations.

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Sticks and Stones



I was recently tagged into a conversation on Twitter concerning the bankruptcy of the far left, specially those we have often referred to as Social Justice Warriors. When ?I began this blog in 2012, I wrote a lot about them , notably a few from one specific blog site. there’s was so much to criticize there, at that time, that it was almost impossible to not find some ridiculous position taken by one or more of those bloggers on any single day.

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Immaturity of SJW’s

I really don’t understand some people’s hostility toward Richard Dawkins. Of course he’s a very high profile atheist and there are a lot of people that scrutinize every syllable he utters, especially on Twitter. It seems the man is unable to make a clear point about anything without some taking offense or at least pretend offense to what he says.
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