#RedditRevolt: Time For a Change

It appears that voat.co is back online and seems to be operating fairly efficiently – for now. Of course, the issue for this site has been receiving a lot of defections from Reddit. What I hope the folks at Voat have done in the intervening days is to upgrade their server infrastructure to anticipate a flood of new registrations as it seems that Reddit continues to self destruct over their weird and incomprehensible policies and management changes.

Currently, the petition at change.org shows over 211,000 signatures demanding that Ellen Pao, interim CEO of Reddit, step down. Of course, it’s unknown what the board will do and realize that any change in upper management at Reddit will happen because of revenue, not necessarily a petition.

I’m certain though that this same board, as well as advertisers, are watching closely how this develops. If enough users abandon Reddit, it is likely that there will be a change. It’s too early to tell.

Of course, this is good for competitors. As I wrote before, I like the idea of having competition in this business. No one company should have a monopoly like Reddit seems to have acquired over recent years. Competition will keep all service providers nimble and user service oriented. When a single company has such a grip on a service that they believe they can change the rules at a whim (think Twitter and Facebook as well) then its time for other entrepreneurs to take a hard look.

I think it’s too late for Reddit. I don’t see Reddit going away anytime soon, but with the level of user dissatisfaction, I can see it going the way of Digg and MySpace over time. This should be a warning to others as well.

2 thoughts on “#RedditRevolt: Time For a Change

  1. I plan to start promoting voat once I am reasonably confident that it can make it through a few consecutive days without crashing. It doesn’t seem to be there yet if today is any indication.


    • Well, it looks like they may have an opportunity for some venture capital. It may take a while for that to happen, but it’s good news.


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