#SPJAirPlay: No Opponent, No Purpose

I think I’ve become even more ambivalent about the upcoming discission/debate known as SPJ Airplay than I was even earlier. I really don’t understand what will be accomplished when there are no anti-GamerGate representatives attending. Not a single one.

I don’t care about the obvious people that I mentioned in a previous post on this subject; I was however expecting some of those who for at least six months during the advent of the GamerGate movement had written articles claiming that GamerGate was a hate group. There’s been nothing but silence from those same critics that referred to gamers as terrorists, misogynists and all sort of other hateful terms.

What about the people that basically started the movement? The ones that delared gamers are dead? Again, it appears there is no interest. Of course, I’m certain they’re not attending because they can’t back up any of their statements. The first round has already gone to the gamer community and these same discovered that gamers were not a bunch of Mountain Dew swigging neckbeards that lived in their parents basements but a very diverse group of enthusiasts.

So what purpose will this gathering serve since in reality, as of this writing, there’ll be none there with an opposing view? There’s no reason to have a game when the opponent won’t field a team, is there?

Because there won’t be any drama, I also doubt there will be much, if any, media coverage. Sure, three of the speakers on the GamerGate side are professional journalists and I’m certain each of them will be publishing their idiviudual experiences, but without those in opposition to GamerGate being present, to what end?

That’s pretty much how I’m viewing AirPlay right now. The other team have basically forfeit and as of now AirPlay has become a pointless endeavor.

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