#RedditRevolt: The Future of Reddit

Now that Ellen Pao is gone from Reddit and one of the co-founders has taken over as CEO, will that mean that those redditors that abandoned the site will rush back believing Reddit will return to what it was before Ms. Pao became CEO?

From what I’ve seen on the net since Friday, it doesn’t look like people will want to return. I don’t know if the exodus is still as frantic as what we’ve all witnessed in the past few weeks, and it doesn’t matter. The drip, drip, drip of losing its customer base will be enough to make Reddit go the way of services such as MySpace and Digg.

I say this because Reddit blamed their user community for the resignation of Ms. Pao. Yes, the users were of course the reason, but not for the reasons stated by the company. It’s curious that a board member openly chastised the user community for hate and death threats towards Ms. Pao. Of course, if there were an abundance of these, then everyone should disavow those users.

I’d be interested in knowing the amount and type of hate and threats because as we all know, SJW’s tend to exaggerate their victimhood. We’ve seen it most recently in GamerGate.

The SJW’s are not angels though. I don’t believe anyone likes to be referred to as racist, misogynist, sexist trolls as we all saw users described in the media after the resignation. More recently, terrorists.

Something people should consider is that in the statement made by the new CEO, Steve Huffman, he did not disavow any of the polices implemeted by Pao and her team. Crickets. That should tell everyone something. Of course Reddit did say they were going to communicate polices better in the future, but so what?

Does this mean that users will see more restrictive polices coming from management? I suspect so as the wording of the statement seems to imply:

Second, redditors, you deserve clarity about what the content policy of reddit is going to be. The team will create guidelines to both preserve the integrity of reddit and to maintain reddit as the place where the most open and honest conversations with the entire world can happen. (my bolding)

I may be nit-picking here, but that does not inspire confidence going forward. Look to see more changes in the near and long term that will forever change the Reddit everyone knew and loved into something else.

So long Reddit. It once was nice.

2 thoughts on “#RedditRevolt: The Future of Reddit

  1. What percentage of Reddit’s users do you suppose left due to recent events? Do you think it is as many as 2%? I’d be a bit surprised if it was that many. From what I’ve seen on Voat, many of their users haven’t even committed to leaving Reddit.


    • I would think the defections have been at least 1%, probably not as high as 2%. Then, this is just a start. The reason as I said in the post is that it’s unknown what new policies Reddit will enact to further the ones Pao has already done. I saw nothing in any of the coverage to indicate that any of the recent policy changes would be reversed. That leads me to believe, maybe falsely that they are set on a path to beome more of a “safe space” than for a forum of open and maybe uncouth discussions.


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