#GamerGate and SPJAirplay: Further Thoughts

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the upcoming SPJAirplay event next month and although Ive had some harsh words about it recently, I’d like to add a few more words on what I believe may be of interest to all participants.

I want to reiterate my objection to the SPJAirplay notion that GamerGate supporters were rampant harassers of certain people that were anti-GamerGate. That’s a false narrative and although there may have been some trollish behavior by a few people, not necessarily associated with GamerGate, those people did not and do not represent GamerGate. Where’s the evidence of this harassment? Uh-oh, theres that word again that every SJW hates. Remember this?

PPS: People asking for evidence don’t care about evidence. (my bolding, from this blog)

Really? Why would people ask for evidence if they didn’t care about it? It does tend to show the level of intelligence of the SJW’s, doesn’t it. Think about it: the same people saying this are ones that claim to be skeptics. Skeptics not only request, but demand evidence for claims.

Also, there is a plethora of evidence the other way: Yes, if anything it happened to be the anti-GamerGate crowd that sent tweets of hate and death threats. There are thousands of examples and I would hope that those representing GamerGate would bother to bring along a nice sample. They might have to burn them on a few blu-ray discs. Again though, I would prefer that the discussion not even bring up the subject. But, be prepared for anything.

What I do believe might be worthy of discussion though is the attacks on gamers for being misogynists, racists, and sexists. How suddenly, after the GamerGate campaign began, to expose corruption in gaming journalism, quickly evolved into a campaign to smear the gaming community as a whole. This smear campaign started with the gaming journalists themselves and then, once GamerGate began to garner attention in the media, was picked up and accelerated by the mainstream press.

Suddenly, everyone in the media were carrying the standard of Anita Sarkeesian, that poor, unappreciated waif who had been for years attempting to reveal the very same narrative that suddenly became international. The one that had been enduring death and rape threats (no evidence of either ever provided)from gamers and continued to forge ahead not unlike Onward Christian Soldiers.Yes, with religious zeal she continues to scapegoat gaming for all the worlds ills. She recently went Back To The Future claiming gaming violence produces violence in real life.

Of course, no one in the media bothered to investigte her credentials: a woman says so, it must be true. So much for journalism in the 21st century.

Even though that seems to have fallen short of its objective, it’s still the meme that has become associated with GamerGate. It’s why I believe this to be an important part of the events’ discussion. It’s time to lay this to rest. I don’t know what the effect will be on the overall exchange or even if any of the SPJ journalists moderating will be unbiased enough to want to hear the GamerGate side, but I think it’s worthwhile to at least attempt to bring this into the overall discussion.

I still hold the view that this will be nothing more than a fool’s errand for those attending from the GamerGate side. To date, no one from the anti-GamerGate side has agreed to be in attendance and therefore no chance of having a fruitful discussion about the original issue, or the ideological invasion of GamerGate by the SJW’s and how the media played into their hands.

So, avoid SPJAirPlay? Yes, I still hold that opinion. Then again, I’ve been in error once or twice in my life.

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