Pre-Game Celebration is Offensive

I’m not a huge fan of American football. I used to be, but because it takes so long to play a game, I find I don’t really want to take nearly half a day to sit and watch a game on television anymore. One of the rituals that some teams have is a sort of victory dance in the end zone when they score a touchdown. It seems to excite the crowd and players as well.

However, we live in the era of offense. Yes, people become offended by the name of a team, the mascot, or maybe even the team song. Some of these teams have been around for decades and recently those decades old traditions have come under scrutiny.

Sometimes, it’s the faculty that are directly complicit in these activities. Like the following.

It appears that an associate professor of Antropology at Cal State Northridge is offended by the University of Arizona football team for their pre-game celebration known as the haka. Apparently it’s offensive to her, being from New Zealand.

Well, of course, U of A, based on her protest, has stopped the practice even though it was instituted by Polynesian players on the team. In 2009.

But hey. It’s culturally insensitive even though players from that same culture are performing the dance as well as the other players. Maybe it’s cultural appropriation.

One thought on “Pre-Game Celebration is Offensive

  1. Baseball used to be our national pass time. Now it seems a bit like our national pass time is taking offense.

    I am still a football fan, but the only way I can watch games anymore is from the DVR with my finger on the skip ahead button. This lets me get through a game (and all the ridiculous commercials) so much quicker. I can’t watch them live.


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