My Way or the Highway



Let me instruct you patiently how and what to think. You need to be instructed in how to use your own words, because words are weapons and may cause damage to another person. I’ll teach you why everything you believe is wrong and that only those that have the correct opinion, should be allowed to speak on any topic. We may disagree on the details, but I’ll work with you to make sure you understand that those details are generally unimportant and that facts that may dispute my opinion are only from those people that have a toxic agenda towards me and my fellow believers.

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Personal Preference as Bigotry



Should non-trans people be more accepting of dating or having a relationship with a transgender person? That seems to be the question in this essay from Psychology Today. The eassy begins with some statistics from a survey that shows 87.5 % of a survey prefer to date someone  that is considered (in the survey) as cisgendered men or women.  The title of the essay mostly tells the reader what the author thinks about this issue: Are Trans People Excluded from the World of Dating?  Using the verb excluded is charged and is used in one form or another multiple times in the essay.

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Putting a Bully in Their Place


Bully Concept Watercolor Word Art

We’ve come to a point where words no longer have the effect they used to have. We often use the terms, Racist, Nazi, or White Supremacist , to refer to those that do not have the same political or social outlook we think they are supposed to have, but in the last decade or so, those words have been used so much to describe those we may dislike, that they have actually lost their real meaning. Just because someone happens to differ in their view with what someone considers mainstream, does not necessarily make them any of the above.

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When Should We Call The Police?



A friend posted an article that I found interesting: Oregon is considering making it illegal (civil penalties)  to call the police on a suspicious person, notably when it’s a person of color. We have all seen reports of the police being called for nonsense. I recall seeing sometime back a woman called the police for her black neighbors barbecuing. Seriously. It’s ridiculous and a waste of law enforcement time.  What about seeing a suspicious person in your neighborhood, no matter the race or ethnicity? Well, according to the article, it seems that that, too, would become against the law. Not a felony, but it would allow the person the police stopped, to sue the caller.

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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things



Over the years, I have written about the perils of groupthink. That is, that we must all have the same or similar opinion or be cast out of a particular social or political class and be assigned to the netherworld. I’ve always despised the idea that as a conservative, I must hold to certain principles, dictated by others to be considered conservative. I find the same being an atheist. I will use my limited talent for reason and logic to find my way and not be cowed into accepting what to me is something I determine to be unreasonable and ultimately illogical.

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