Having an Honest Conversation



I was recently involved in a thread on Twitter concerning those that we have referred to, at least in the past, as Social Justice Warriors (SJW’s). I found that, along with myself there are many more that refuse to engage with those people because it never leads anywhere due to the fact (as I see it) the conversation is not honest. We can have disagreements, and often do, but the exchange should never devolve into name calling, even threats.

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Pre-Game Celebration is Offensive

I’m not a huge fan of American football. I used to be, but because it takes so long to play a game, I find I don’t really want to take nearly half a day to sit and watch a game on television anymore. One of the rituals that some teams have is a sort of victory dance in the end zone when they score a touchdown. It seems to excite the crowd and players as well.
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