Spiking Free Speech: Becoming a University Norm

If you’ve been following Twitter today, it appears Milo Yiannopoulos and Julie Bindel have been banned from speaking on a panel at Manchester University. A panel on free speech. Lovely, isn’t it? I really wish this was news but it isn’t.

I can’t seem to be able to look at the Internet these days without finding other examples of the same behavior. Colleges and Universities have become less a place for free expression and a melting pot for ideas than safe spaces for all those young people that have grown up in a cocoon of never having to have their beliefs challenged.

It’s a sad state of affairs when universities won’t allow opinions that deviate from a specific narrative to be heard, argued, or even questioned. It seems to me that this is becoming the norm on campuses today. I may be wrong, but I’ve yet to see a tweet or a news story about controversial figures invited to a panel or a debate on any subject that did not have a contentious air about it.

Universities are so paranoid about inviting speakers with divergent opinions on political, social and cultural subjects that they believe they have to provide security for the speaker or speakers. What does this say about the student population when that occurs?

In the Manchester case though, it’s more of a comedy than anything else. A panel on free speech and then disinviting people because they cannot allow certain types of views to be aired or those views might incite violence…or something.

It would be great to be able to highlight the opposite but I fear that’s a fantasy as watching the local evening news and there haven’t been any murders, rapes, assaults, or thefts of any kind to report. How dull that would be. Just tell me what the weather’s going to be over the next 7 days.

Of course, this might become the Outrage of the Week, but it’s only Wednesday and we have 2 more days during the work week for the special snowflakes of the Social Justice League to astound us again with their profound stupidity.

4 thoughts on “Spiking Free Speech: Becoming a University Norm

  1. It is certainly a sad state of affairs. The university is supposed to be a place where pre-existing ideas are challenged and students are exposed to new and unfamiliar perspectives. Too many seem to want only a certain sort of sanitized PC version of diversity in place of genuine diversity. I think this state of affairs will get worse before it gets better and that we will all pay a price for it.


    • Students are paying extortionate amounts for an incomplete education. It’s sad that some minority group of “Activists” are being given, or allowed to have such a powerful say in these decisions.


  2. I’ve noticed this trend for a while now but thought the problem was mostly in U.S. Universities. It’s either gone under my radar or i need to start RSS’ing some more/other blogs. Until this becomes more of an issue for mainstream media etc’ it’s up to the opponents of the fools making these decisions to kick up a much bigger fuss than they have (so far) otherwise, i’m in no doubt it’ll get much worse & widespread.
    It may even become the norm where it’s not even noticed anymore.


  3. It isn’t necessarily the universities that are doing this, it is the students who don’t want to hear anything that makes them uncomfortable that are complaining and the universities, who desperately want their money and don’t want to hear from mommy and daddy, are complying. These kids are pretending that their offense is a sufficient reason to shut other people up and that’s just not true. UCLA is thinking about giving students the right not to be offended and banning any speech that anyone doesn’t like and this is a serious first amendment violation. I can’t wait until these universities get slapped down by the courts.


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