Maybe It’s Time to Delete Our Social Media Presence. Maybe Not.

So, I’m not going to discuss, much anyway, the debacle that occirred recently at out nation’s capitol. Let me just say I was shocked by the behavior of some people and was saddened at the same time that this is what our country has devolved to in the past few years. There is no reason for violent demonstrations of any kind, by any ideologues of any type. It accomplishes absolutely nothing in the short term, and males people that may have had sympathy for a cause, walk away.

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The Future of Free Speech

We live in a society now where progressive politics, no matter where one resides, seems to have replaced, in some cases, what had been known as societal  norms. These have to do with personal responsibility and family. It’s no longer your fault that you lost your job, even if you were a terrible employee: the government will make sure you’re provided. Your children are not yours, they belong to the state and if you teach them anything that we don’t approve of We’ll take them from you. Deny Trans women are actual biological women? Be cancelled/ In fact, become erased. Try to engage in your rights of free speech and religion? We can’t have that.

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What is Free Speech (Podcast)


Here’s our first podcast. We went a bit long today but I think you’ll enjoy the conversation. We discuss free speech in a different way than I think it has been, at least in a while.We really wanted to discuss free speech and social media but will save that for another podcast. Please leave comments and let us know what you think. Gretchen and Sarah were really informative throughout

No, We Don’t Need a Hate Speech Law



I think i just read one of the scariest option pieces I’ve encountered lately. It’s entitle, Why America needs a hate speech law. It is,, of course puvlished in that great defender of light over darkness, The Washington Post. Why is it scary? It’s because there seems to be little to no understanding of how the First Amendment works. Certainly there will always be speech that some dislike, that believe shouldn;t be allowed, but where does it stop?

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Your Right of Speech Ends at My Ears


I written quite a bit over the years about freedom of Speech. It’s not, as many believe, the idea that you may say whatever you want, whenever you want, without consequences. It’s really about delivering an idea or ideas. In this country, as long as the speech doesn’t threaten someone, attempt to cause others physical harm, then it’s allowed under U.S. law. There is no such thing as a hate speech. The speech you may hear you may believe offends your sensibilities and is therefore “hate”, but unless that speech directly incites people to commit violent acts against others? It’s perfectly legal. It may be noxious, but no one goes to prison here for being a bigot.
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