Are Atheists Just FIlled With Anger and Hate?

Are atheists just filled with anger? Is that the reason we reject God? When I peruse the Internet, especially Twitter, I find atheists being accused of nothing less than just being angry or hate as their reason for being atheists.

Personally, I don’t hate anyone. I don’t hate the government, but I do find them dysfunctional (Come on! You know they really are.). I do sometimes get angry at the stupidity that sems to come out of Washington. Doesn’t everyone? I don’t hate people. I can’t think of a single person I’ve ever met, even if that person had tried to hurt me professionally or socially, that I hate. No group of people either. Yes, sometimes people will anger me. I don’t allow the word “hate” to be used in my home. Its connotation is destructive. So yes. I sometimes become angry, and yes, I’m an atheist. Correlation anyone?

I have no self loathing. Do I walk around with a silly smile or grin on my face at all times? No, I’m like anyone else with their problems and struggles in life. I also don’t burden my friends. Yes world, atheists have friends. Most of mine are not atheists.

Atheists are often accused of “hating God” or just being “angry with God”, but my response, and most every atheist I’ve spoken with is, how can I hate something or being angry with something I don’t believe in? Yet that doesn’t seem to shut down the accusation.

I don’t hate any religion, or demonization, whatever that might be. I’m not angry at any religion or religious person, with the exception when someone hurts another person. Then, I don’t care if the person is religious or not, hurting others for your own satisfaction, does anger me.

I do however, object to the insistence that we all live by certain moral values. I rarely become angry with that. If anything it’s frustration, like watching a toddler bang it’s head on a tile floor. Why won’t she stop that?

Yes, we atheists, at least the ones I know, are moral people with values. We just reject religion as a basis for those values.

Religion wants to inflict social values on everyone, to the point of having religious beliefs written into public policy. We reject that. The Consitituion in the United States explicity forbids it (please carefully read the First Amendment if in doubt). I’m not, and I don’t know of any atheists that are, angry about it. Yes, we fight against it, through the law, but that doesn’t make atheists angry.

Are there atheists that are angry? I’m sure there are, just as other people are angry. I can’t, and won’t even try to generalize about atheists just as I don’t claim that that certain religious people appear angry (at least to me) on occasion. If you’re wondering, no I’m not specifically holding out Islam. Christianity has it’s problems as well.

Yet Christians in particular, want to generalize about the “angry atheists”.

When I have these types of discussions, the anger seems to come from the other side. I have actually witnessed so-called “Christians” devolve into throwing epithets because their argument is being dismantaled brick-by-brick, from an atheist. The atheist doesn’t use anger or malice; it’s as simple as pointing out facts being presented are illogical and irrational. At the end of the discussion is where the bomb of angry atheist is thrown at the atheist. Yes, that really is the end of discussion.

Anyone that cannot have a reasonable discussion with another without tossing epithets or accusations of anger, even hate clearly doesn’t know why they believe what they believe, yet expect others to just buy into their dogma.

Of course, the stigma of atheists being “just angry” and filled with hate and self loathing is then propagated.

The television news doesn’t even try to dispel this myth. I’ve seen news people on verious channels, when the subjust a atheists arise use atheist as if it were some sort of epithet. It happens when government (local, state, or federal) are challenged in court over the Establishment Clause. Remember I mentions the First Amendment earlier? Yeah, the part that say forbids COngress to esablish a religion is known as the Establishment Clause.

We’re vile, angry, and hateful because we require government, who’s elected officals (by citizens) are sworn to uphold the Consitution, refuse to to obey the document they swore an other to protect and defend.

So, go ahead, keep referring to us as angry and hateful. I will only speak for myself, but I don’t care what you think about me being an atheist. I really spend less time thinking about your opinion about me than I do about if the dog needs to go outside.




3 thoughts on “Are Atheists Just FIlled With Anger and Hate?

  1. I was once an angry (and probably hateful) atheist. In part, this was a reaction to how I was treated for being an atheist. And in part, it was just a reflection of my own immaturity and various problems I was not handling well. That was a long time ago. These days, I still get mad at religious over-reach from time-to-time, but I haven’t experienced feelings of hatred in over a decade.

    As for the Christians we encounter online, I think they are desperate to explain away something they cannot fully comprehend: atheists. If we can live satisfying lives without their gods, perhaps others could do the same. That poses a real problem for some of them. If they can make us into monsters, it has to be easier to distance themselves from us and discredit atheism.


    • I guess I am mostly frustrated by the attempts to dehumanize atheists. We are no different from anyone else with the one exception that we just don’t believe in a god creator. As far as I am aware, I’ve never been discriminated against when people discover I’m an atheist. I don’t hide it, I just don’t prothlesize.

      I find that online, Christians devolve into angry rants at atheists because they cannot rationally back up any of their claims. When asked for proof, they supply none. Living by the creed that “God will supply” is just silly. All one has to do is step outside the door and see the people in the world suffering from starvation, disease, and war to know that if there were a “loving God” he/she/it would do something about it.

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