When Atheists Attack

I’ve wanted to write that headline for a long time. Although it doesn’t quite express what is really going on in cyberspace, I think it rings a bell for some

I often wonder while perusing my Twitter timeline and I see people making derogatory comments toward a particular atheist or atheism in general, what’s so bad about being an atheist? Yes, we question beliefs of the religious as well as those that make other claims for which they have no evidence. Is that so horrible?

When I see these things online, it makes me think that those, especially the religious, are not so sure of their belief. Faith is not an answer to any question and by questioning faith, it makes some uncomfortable.

What’s always been curious to me is that questioning a belief is equivalent to making an attack on that belief. How is it that a minority of the population may be a threat to someone’s belief?

Those people dislike what atheists say about their religion. I get it. In some cases, some atheists are more militant than others. I actually don’t care for that because I don’t care what anyone believes, as long as they don’t attempt to have their beliefs written into law.

Beware if what you ask for, it may come back and bite you.

One thought on “When Atheists Attack

  1. I wonder if our presence is enough to remind them that they might be wrong. Like you said in a recent post, some people really have a hard time with the possibility that they might be wrong.


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