What is it You Care About?

Some days, it’s easy to find a subject to write about. Other days, it’s more difficult and I have to stop and really think about some topic that my bother me to begin writing. Even then, it has to be something I am passionate about. Today, isn’t one of those days.

Sure, I could write about the National Day of Prayer, but then I saw so much already out there, questioning the need for having such a day, that I rejected the idea. How about the recent stories of President Trump holding meetings with other cabinet officials and requesting that they all pray before the meeting begins? Nothing new there.

When especially speaking about prayer, I often ask if those prayers have solved anything? Did a war, or genocide suddenly stop because the government declared a day of prayer? Are there ant starving people around the world that were suddenly fed?

If it makes someone feel better, I guess it’s okay but on the other side, it doesn’t cause any further harm.

How about the new abortion law in Iowa? I really haven’t seen anything written about this story which is about the most restrictive abortion law in the country. If the fetus has a heartbeat, it can’t be aborted. The problem with this is that a heartbeat is able to be detected after just six weeks. Most women are unaware they’re pregnant that early. I’m certain this law will be overturned as soon as it comes into a Federal Court.

I’d like to find something good to discuss here, something positive that has happened recently that affects a lot of people around the world. Those stories are few and far between. It’s too bad because I think there are good things happening but we only hear about the bad, the divisive, the if it bleeds it leads type of stories.

Some might be saying that I just wrote a lot of words for someone that has nothing to say. They’d be correct except I haven’t informed anyone. I haven’t taken a stand on a topic. I’ve just written about nothing. Nothing anyone cares about very much. That’s all.

One thought on “What is it You Care About?

  1. I will admit that it has taken me way too long to get to the point where I don’t bother to write unless I have something I’d like to say. There is something liberating about that even if it does mean I don’t post as often as I’d sometimes like.


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