Why Have a Smartphone?

Whenever I ask someone I know why they have a smartphone, I’m always surprised by the answer. I too have a smartphone (an iPhone) and yes, it’s a great piece of technology but is it really worth the price? One of the issues with it for me, as a man, is that it won’t fit in my pocket, at least not comfortably, which is something I saw on Twitter today from a friend about them in general.

When I ask the question of my friends and colleagues why they have a smartphone, here are just a few of the answers I receive:

  • I use it to send/receive text messages
  • I use it for Twitter
  • I use it to listen to music
  • I use it as a gaming platform

And there are other responses as well, but these are the most common. Notice something not in the list? Yes, it’s that they use it as a phone. Maybe that should just be a given, but think about it for a moment. I see people texting all the time. I rarely see people talking on them (well, except the grocery store, something I can’t understand as to why, when buying groceries, people feel like they need to have a chat).

I don’t have my iPhone around with me all the time. In fact, right now, its in another room, but I can hear and get to it quickly if I receive a phone call. I’m often scolded by others that I don’t respond to their text messages. My response? If it’s important call me. I rarely ever text anyone I need to get it touch with and I almost never check my messages other than to delete them.

No, I’m not anti-technology, its just that for me, this is a telephone and it’s just as easy to call and talk to someone as it is to text them and hopefully receive a timely response.

So why do I still have a smartphone? Well, I do use it for one thing: an alarm clock. I have a few app that, at night I plug the phone in at bedside, start the app, place it on its edge, and I now have a clock in my bedroom. So it is handy for something other than being a phone I guess.

3 thoughts on “Why Have a Smartphone?

  1. I had an iPhone 5s for a few years, and it was about as large and heavy as anything I’d want in a phone. When it died, I went with an iPhone SE because everything else was too large. Although I am not interested in owning a phone that won’t fit comfortably in my pocket, I will admit that my eyes aren’t getting any better and I can see how a larger screen would be helpful in that respect. Still, if I can’t carry it with me, it defeats the point of having one.


    • I’ve had an iPhone since the 4S. except for 1 stupid decision I had a few years ago to “upgrade” to an Android phone. because many colleagues praised this one phone. ASAP I went back to the iPhone, this time the 6. But I still believe I’d be just as happy with a clamshell phone as I don’t need all of the other functionality.


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