Christians are not the Moral Superiors of Atheists

Why is it that Christians, in particular, believe that atheists have no moral values? Why is it they think that they are the arbiters of morality in the world? I often see this in my Twitter timeline where a Christian will confront an atheist about the atheists’ morality, while seeming to know nothing about atheism.

Atheists, at least most of us, are aware that Christians believe that Morality comes from their God. Think of it as Trickle-Down Morality.God is moral and believing in him infuses the believer with his moral values.

Where does morality come from? I don’t think its innate but it is a social/cultural construct. As children, we are raised to understand that theft, murder, rape, etc., are not only against the laws of our particular society, but also immoral acts. This of course doesn’t prevent anyone from breaking those laws but it also shows that if morality originates from God, then God’s influence isn’t what he thinks it is.

According to a 2014 survey by Pew Research, 71% of Americans identify as Christian. That number is trending down from their previous poll, so I see this as overall a positive. It says nothing about morality. But that 71% of Americans are Christian should say something.

What it says is that demographically, Christians are politically diverse. Not all Christians are right-wing Republicans. It also shows us that identifying as a Christian doesn’t automatically mean someone actually practices that belief. If it did, then the USA would have the lowest incarceration rate in the western world instead of the highest (We have a lot of stupid laws here, IMO).

It’s annoying to me that those proclaiming their Christian Superiority over atheists won’t do even a modicum of research to prove their point. But then, if we all lived in their world, we wouldn’t have modern medicine, space exploration, jet aircraft, or any of the other benefits of science and engineering.

We’d still believe that the Earth was the center of the universe.

12 thoughts on “Christians are not the Moral Superiors of Atheists

  1. You say that you don’t think that morality is innate. Morality, I think, is based on two things, honesty and fairness. We all have an innate feeling of fairness, and we know when we are lying. Mix a bit of humanness into that and we act as morally as we can under the circumstances.


  2. When I first told my wife I was no longer a Christian, I think she was afraid that I was going to go wild. I’ve made a special attempt to be extra kind since then, and it’s changing her perception. Slowly.


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