Political and Atheist Lemmings

I’ve been doing a bit of writing lately on politics and how we, in America, have been driven so far apart, become uncivil, that I don’t think it bodes well for our future. What we’ve done as a society is lower the bar where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to have a conversation with anyone on the other side.

Many think this is something new, but it’s actually not. Not in politics, or religion. Somehow the ad hominem has become the default for some people. Calling someone a Nazi, racist, or a Commie has become a common form of argument. None are actually arguments and they do nothing to further a conversation and in fact, usually ends it.

Atheists are no less guilty than any others. We’ve had atheists that have made comments to the effect of “if you’re not with me, you’re against me” (remember Atheism Plus?). Recall that there were, just a few years ago, atheists that would rather split atheists for their own advantage.

It’s one reason we’re not viewed in a positive way. If a mere 3.1% of the population can’t agree on anything, why would anyone else consider anything we have to say? But what does it matter, I always ask. We’re atheists, and all that means is that we have no belief in a god. what else is there that I must agree with every other atheist? Well, nothing, to be precise.

I’m not obligated as an atheist, or even a conservative to follow any particular line of thought. Let the political and atheist lemmings have their own way. We all know what happens to them, eventually.


2 thoughts on “Political and Atheist Lemmings

  1. I sometimes wonder if atheists might be a bit worse when it comes to this sort of thing because so many of us are so used to arguing with religious believers. Over time, maybe we become more argumentative in general.


  2. It seems that the public’s ability to communicate effectively about important matters is under attack. Its much more politically expedient to attack everything but policy. Politics needs to be done the hard way. The other important factor is education. How can the public make informed decisions when the education they receive fails to impart critical thinking skills? I get the sense that the political landscape has been directed away from engagement, intentionally.
    As far as atheism goes, the author is spot on. Atheism is not normative. It is descriptive. It doesnt inform ought in an intrinsic way. It does have an instrumental role, but only as modifier on instrumentally rational behaviour.


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