Good Riddance, Scott Pruitt


So, Scott Pruitt is out at the EPA. Resigned earlier today. My response? Yay! but probably not for the reasons many others are happy. Here’s a guy that was a member of Congress for 8 years as well as the Attorney General of Oklahoma since 2010. He was much despised by the environmental lobby. As EPA Administrator, his charge was to put the EPA back on course, as they were originally chartered by Congress.

A lot of people have been against the efforts he was undertaking, as directed by the President and there are valid arguments on both sides.

Why do I say Yay? Because of what appeared to be numerous ethical violations since he had taken office. It seemed like every time I turned on the television, there was another allegation in the news.  I don’t get it. Do none of these people understand that when they come to work for the Administration – any administration – that they are going to be under greater scrutiny by the media as well as their own agencies/departments? Do they believe they somehow either become invisible or are untouchable?

Even if history vindicates decisions made as to environmental policy, he’ll have left under a very dark cloud. We need responsible people in those positions, including Congress, and not those that  use their position for their own or their families gain

Good riddance!


2 thoughts on “Good Riddance, Scott Pruitt

  1. I don’t like what he did with regard to policy at the EPA (although his departure isn’t likely to change that), but the number and nature of the ethical violations was really astounding. He looked corrupt in some surprisingly blatant ways, and aside from losing his position, it seems like he got away with it. The idea that someone in his position would spend tax dollars like he did and face no real consequences is tough to swallow.


    • I’m actually for reining in the EPA. I’ve known people who have been damaged by rules by the EPA that were wholly unnecessary. They’ve gone far beyond their original charter and need to return to what the agency was formed to do: Air/water cleanliness, Cleanup of “Superfund” sites, etc.


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