I Don’t Believe You


I try to not be rude to anyone. It’s difficult sometimes because when anyone runs into the absolute stupid, sometimes the only response I seem to be able to have is to actually call that person stupid.  Many atheists go through this daily. For me, it’s not so common but as this blog has gained a tiny bit of a following, it has started to become something I have started paying attention to.

It doesn’t much bother me that those attacking me, or other atheists, have no idea what atheism actually is, it’s that they refuse to recognize that there are people that don’t believe what they believe.

I’ve had the questions as to how I could give up my belief in Jesus, or God in general. I attempt, with respect, to answer those questions. My answers however, usually lead to some sort of verbal abuse. At that point, I stop responding to any and all because once what I thought was to be an honest discussion turns into throwing insult after insult, and I decide this person is just not worth my time or energy. They don’t want to learn anything, or have an honest discussion/disagreement about belief; They’re looking  to be a cheerleader of sorts, with their followers cheering them on.

It’s why I’ve said in the past that I won’t get into debates with believers. What’s really interesting to me is that none of those I’ve ever “discussed” with can believe that anyone would leave religious belief.  Telling these people, I don’t believe you, is the same, in their view as calling them a liar.

I’m not calling anyone a liar, what I am doing is trying to point out that nothing they believe makes any sense. It’s like giving over your life savings to some Nigerian Prince that will return your donation to them 100 times over. It’s a con. Most people that have been victims of a con artist refuse to believe, at first, that they were taken. It’s only after law enforcement shows them definitive proof that they’ve been deceived, do they begin to accept what’s happened.

Its the same with religious belief. We’re all told that if we just believe, all things good will come to us. But look around the world. Look at those countries in severe poverty – where people are dying daily from disease and hunger – and tell me if their belief has done anything for them.

We make our lives what they are. No god, of any religion can change that because none of those gods actually exist. Sure it may make some feel better, but those same gods do nothing to change anything in anyone’s life.

The more people begin to reject religious belief, the better they become.

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Believe You

  1. I agree completely here; I just don’t even mention it. Where I live, belief is assumed. “Keep ole Bobby in your prayers” is as common as saying “Hi.” People don’t even believe it if you tell them you’re not a Christian.


  2. It seems like some people have decided that what they believe is inseparable from who they are. Some will carry this out to the conclusion that even mild criticism or disagreement with what they believe represents condemnation of their entire being. Of course, this effectively shields them from giving much thought to the possibility that what they believe is wrong. I used to think this was primarily a religious thing, but I’ve seen too much of it in other contexts to keep thinking that.


    • You’re right, i think. Look at politics: mild criticism of a polticial position is deemed treachery by those that are hard-core right or left.


  3. Well, it would be rude to call anyone a liar for something that they believe is true. Firstly, it’s not their fault! They have been conned or brain washed. They have been infected with the dream of their own perfection, resurrection and eternal “life”. It’s not their fault, they just haven’t grown up and they believe that death is not really real (for them). Confrontation is a waste of time, best to be polite to the deluded ones.


    • Although I do use the word “believe”, I try to remember what it actually means: trust, as in I believe what someone has told me because I’ve never had reason to not trust what they say. The other definition for me is opinion. “I believe there are aliens that have visited Earth”. There’s no proof of such, therefore an opinion.


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