Go! Volunteer!


There are a lot of atheists that are always writing or speaking about becoming socially involved in our communities. How many of those actually are involved? By that question, I mean, ow many are actually out within their community being a positive influence? Well, honestly I can’t say anything about others except to say that I hear a lot about being involved, but never hear any of those same people say anything about their involvement.

That’s okay. Not everyone needs to be on the field. There are those that are needed to be cheerleaders as well. I just expect most that call for people to be involved, are themselves involved. It’s unfortunate that this is not the case.

So before anyone asks me if I am I will state that yes, I am involved. It’s not a huge amount of time, but on weekends I spend a minimum of 4 hours working at a local food bank. Mostly what I do is unload trucks of donated food items as well as stock the shelves. Not too difficult to do but I know I am helping out a small charitable organization by volunteering those few hours.

I will say that I think I’m probably the only atheist there. Two or three local churches  have people there volunteering as well. I don’t have a problem with that as no one there, that I’ve ever seen, ever prosthelytize to any of the customers.

There are all sorts of opportunities for atheists to become volunteers in their respective communities. The city I live in is relatively small compared to where some others may live and yet we have this food bank as well as 2 homeless shelters. My daughter is old enough now where she wants to volunteer as well, so we’re looking at serving evening meals at one of those shelters a few days a week. We have the time. We have the ability.

Why not volunteer? I can’t think of any reason why any of us cannot give a little of our time to help others. I know that right now at the food bank, those Christians are amazed an atheist would be there. How much better would it be if there were more than just one?

I’m certain that even in my own community there are other opportunities, in other areas, to assist. Of course, everyone has only so much time. Here’s what I’m saying: find a way to help others. No one needs to know about anyone else’s belief or non-belief, but just as it was for me at the food bank, eventually people discovered I am an atheist. They were just happy to have me there.

They’ll be happy to have you there as well whether you’re serving meals  in a homeless shelter, stocking shelves at a food bank, or helping abused women at a woman’s shelter.  No one really cares about anyone else’s religoius beliefs. They just need people with the heart to help.

Go help.

3 thoughts on “Go! Volunteer!

  1. Here is the part that is not true: “No one really cares about anyone else’s religoius (sic) beliefs” Yes, they do. Charities have turned down funds due to the atheist source. But, the good news is that there are atheist, or secular-based community service organizations. Find them on line. Since many of us do not wear the scarlet “A” on our foreheads, it may be hard to tell, and we are less than one in 10. The only way I know for someone to “discover” that you are atheist is for you to tell them. Right?


    • Well, what you say imay be true where you live, but not where I live. There are absolutely ZERO atheist organizations here. So, no one cares, that as an atheist, I voilunteer, and that’s what I was writing about. I have no idea who turns down what funding because those funds come from atheists. I would almost guarantee that if a group of atheists here, where I live, donated money to say, a homeless or women’s shelter, that they would take it.


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