Will Atheism Ever Become Mainstream?


hug atheistBlogging isn’t difficult, in fact its pretty easy to do. The difficult part, if any, is deciding on what to write about. Sure, there are all sorts of topics from politics to social issues, but is this something those that take their time to come here really want to read about?

I prefer to write about atheism, and when I am able, skepticism, but then, how many times can I write about the same thing, over and over again? I’m not here to try and convert anyone to atheism, simply to attempt to show those that may read this blog that are not atheists, that there’s nothing to fear from atheists.

We’re no different than anyone else with the single exception that we don’t believe in god(s). How many times can I, or anyone else, blog about that? The good news though is that atheists are becoming more mainstream.

How do I know that? Well, it was estimated 4 years ago that there were some 10 million people here in the U.S. that identified as atheists. That may not seem like a huge number overall, but it has grown over the years that the poll was taken. People are starting to leave their irrational  view of the world, based on some supernatural being, and accepting the idea that there’s no proof of any god.

Is atheism becoming mainstream? Hard to tell because many of those that identify as atheists are not out, meaning that they have never told family or friends that they are indeed an atheist. There’s a prejudice against us overall that will take more time to overcome.  I know several that are actually afraid of their employer discovering their atheism. Not that they would be fired, that would be illegal, but that they may not get that deserved promotion or raise.

There’s still a lot of suspicion and in some cases overt prejudice toward atheists. That’s too bad because when those same people actually get to know someone who’s an atheist, it doesn’t take long to discover that there’s nothing to fear.

Maybe, as more people identify with atheism, will there finally be a day when we reach that point where we’re accepted in society in general.

9 thoughts on “Will Atheism Ever Become Mainstream?

  1. I think the non-religious/agnostic and atheist groups will continue to grow. Atheists have/had the 4 horsemen of atheism and atheists will continually need people to speak for them.

    I blog for various reasons but it is also to give a different perspective on my atheism. As long as we keep things positive atheists make things, the more mainstream we will be!


  2. The thing about atheism is that you don’t need to announce it. There is no atheist life, no atheist style or dress code or rituals…you just are an atheist. And…the only one who has to know is you. Who knows how many atheists are just satisfied with that knowledge and hold it secret. Shoot…even devout believers don’t go to worship every Sunday or Saturday or Wednesday. Some just go on those big holy days. It isn’t necessary to upset your family, work place, community, church by denying and declaring and diminishing the ritual and beliefs and faith of people you know and care about.

    And…you can blog or debate all you want online, thus fulfilling your need to vent and learn.

    However, having kids with a believer who is adamant about rearing your family in deity belief and the religion that supports it does present major problems. Then there are decisions to be made. What is coming-out worth to you? How much wasted life does the family worship system require? What is your relationship with your older children and will they be open to you when you talk about your non-belief or your doubts? Is it worth possibly destroying your family and extended family to out yourself to them and to your community and church?

    A person can know that he or she is an atheist and not have to do that. I suspect there are many who live just that way.


  3. Yes, indeed, there are many reason why atheists do not announce themselves or keep their non-belief private…or maybe only share with close friends and family. It has been my experience that most of those outside my family deny me my atheism when I venture to tell them. They refuse to believe it.

    Whatever… LOL

    It was so very wonderful when the internet was “invented by Al Gore” and I was able to connect with like-minded atheists and even with differently-minded atheists. A whole new world opened up for me. Hallelujah!


      • Matt’s personality aside – the point of the comment was that many ‘Good Christians’ deny that anyone can be an Atheist. “It’s a phase.” “He’ll recant and return to the fold.” “They really know that God exists. They’re just denying Him.” 😦


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