Why Are Rapists More Trusted Than Atheists?


We’ve all heard or read about how atheists are less trusted than rapists. I’ve always found that to be astounding in that atheists are not known for violence of any kind, but a survey has shown that it is indeed true.

The survey was taken in 2017, and respondents were given two scenarios about a person that didn’t seem to be trustworthy and were subsequently asked who that person was, being that one was given, he was a teacher.

Only 4% thought that he was a teacher and a Christian. I really found that odd since over 70% of Americans identify as Christian. Of course, that may have not been known to the respondents, but I thought that surly most people know that we are a “majority Christian” country.  Of course Christians a more moral than the any others, we can just view the U.S. prison population by religion to determine that, can’t we?

You don’t need a degree in statistical analysis to determine that yes, those  higher religious populations are probably going to have a representative number in prison. Does  this mean that Christians, in general, are immoral? Of course not, the same with atheists.  /it;s clear though that most people view atheists as immoral because non-belief to them means, of course, we have no moral compass. It comes from what people have be taught to believe that morality comes from God.

I would’ve have thought a rapist would be the clear choice for being the most untrusted. I know they used it for shock value, but it’s telling in it’;s own way. I wonder if they had substituted rapist for, say a burgler, or bank robber, would we still see that these two would still be more trusted than an atheist? Probably.



5 thoughts on “Why Are Rapists More Trusted Than Atheists?

  1. “Why are rapists more trusted than atheists?” Because a rapist is still a human and redemption is always possible. Atheists are in league with Satan, and borderline human. And, somehow the benefits of Christ’s crucifixion doesn’t apply to atheists. GROG


  2. “Why are rapists more trusted than atheists?” Hmmm…must be because “rape culture.” I mean, it isn’t like anyone is in prison for rape or anything. Instead of punishing rape as a crime, we throw parades for rapists and celebrate their contributions to society.


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