Why Do You Care?


I often think about why I write these posts. I mean, I’m nobody and this blog in the overall scheme of those that blog or do videos, is extremely small. I’m happy when I have 100 views a day. so why do I continue to write, or particpate in social media, or anything else? I had to think about it at a certain point and it isn’t about deconverting anyone from their belief to atheism, it’s about just talking to other atheists that may not have another outlet.

There’s lots of us around, those that have no way of expressing themselves without being outed against our will. This platform allows some others that have no other way, to comment on the topics I write about. They give their opinions on whether I am right or wrong in my thinking. They feel free to express themselves here where they might not on another forum.

I do care about that. If you’re reading this now, most likely you’re not a believer. You’re an atheist, maybe agnostic and are looking for like minded people that you can communicate with anonymously You can say what you think about any topic I’ve written about without  receiving any negative feedback. That doesn’t mean that everyone you encounter will agree with you, but they certainly won’t remonstrate with you. We can have a concersation here, without anyone feeling like their left out because they aren’t saying the right things.

Other than who we follow on Tiwtter, and who we friend on Facebook, atheists have no other outlets in society because we are lower than rapists in most polls. so what do we do? We talk to each other, even online, at a distance, just to see or hear a voice that recognizes who we are and that yes, we are worthy as human beings. We develop friendships in a way that none of us have ever believed we would – anonymously – never having ever met the other in person.

But those I’ve met here on this site and on social media do provide that level of support we all need.  There’s no judgement between us, There’s only caring about those we learn to know that cannot be who they really are publicly.. Atheism is anathema to many and we need each other for that social and emotional support that doesn’t exist elsewhere. And it’s not just all this sad stuff, but the opportunity to share a funny meme with each other, a humorous  story we’ve recently heard. Making one another smile.

I do care about my fellow atheists and that’s why I do this. I don’t  expect anything, and I don’t do this with the thought of there being any particular outcome. I just hope you enjoy it and as always, comments either way are welcome.

If you’re an atheist reading this, don’t forget to pay it forward.

4 thoughts on “Why Do You Care?

  1. Why do I care?
    My blog is not an ‘atheist’ (per se) blog, but I do a few pro-atheist posts a month. I comment (a lot) on sites such as yours (atheist or not), and I like to see where we agree and disagree. I am not anonymous. I do not tweet or follow on twitter. I try not to post much on FB regarding atheism, but I do belong to some closed atheist groups there. A line from the atheist brochure I wrote is,
    “However, if my words plant a seed of apostasy, I would be pleased.”
    I would.
    I am.


  2. Jim, your site was a wonderful find for me. Thanks Jack. I appreciate your blog and the opportunity to have conversations with any and all here. Just think of those who read, yet never reply, but get something out of your blog, just the same. That makes it worthwhile.


  3. Yes, I think you are right. Having an outlet many of us don’t have in our daily lives offline is a big part of it. I suspect I wouldn’t be blogging if I knew even a few atheists.


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