Should We Build the Wall?



As we’re into the 3rd week of a government shutdown (Has anyone really noticed? Are you still receiving mail, and any other government services? Yes, yes, you are.) there should probably be some clarity on what the wall represents: a deterrence. That’s all. It won’t prevent every person south of the border from entering, but it will deter many.

I live fairly close to the U..S. Mexico border. As I sit here on my patio this afternoon, I can look directly south and not exactly see Mexico, but I am able to see a mountain that separates us. No, a wall here would be ridiculous, but that over 7,000 foot peak has never prevented any human traffickers or drug smugglers from attempting to enter our country illegally.  It’s a beautiful area, but as residents we are warned by the Federal Government that hiking in that mountain area is risky.

In fact, when I first moved here some years ago, I spoke with some colleagues at work about hiking that area. One told me, “Don’t go there unarmed”. I thought he was kidding but as I later discovered, he was correct.  The number of people crossing was a one point enormous, hundreds per month. Even though those numbers today are less, it’s not because people aren’t trying, it’s because we have more Border Agents than when I first arrived. Coming across the mountain pass is a difficult journey, and with the increased presence of law enforcement, have forced the traffickers to use other means to bring people into the country.

Back in 2008, I was returning from a short vacation with my family, driving home from the airport when my wife noticed off the Interstate, a van that had crashed through the barrier on the other side of the highway and was on it’s side in a field. That evening, watching the local news, we learned that the van was filled with 24 illegals and that they were avoiding Border and State law enforcement. They raced to avoid being stopped, crashed, and out of the 24 in the van, more than half died. The others had to be air lifted to the hospital. That’s the human tragedy that we rarely hear about.

Every year. Every year, there are local stories of bodies being discovered in the desert of people who perished on the journey from dehydration. The trafficker has his money, so why do anything to help that one dying? Again, it’s the human cost of those attempting to enter, and the lack of humanity, not of the U.S. government, but of those traffickers that abandon those people to die in the desert.

Just a few years ago, in Nogales, AZ. , not that far from where I live (about an hour) there were multiple murders that occured, by a drug cartel, of American Citizens. People that were engaged against those cartel members bringing in drugs to our country. Brutal murders: beheadings and burning people alive. It prompted the government to bring in a heavy law enforcement presence to that city. I’m betting most reading this never heard these stories. Of course, you won’t see them on the Open Borders Networks.

We will probably never be able to prevent all illegal entry through our Southern border, but shouldn’t we, as a sovereign nation, do what we can to try and prevent that which has become a crisis in that it’s no longer just young men crossing, but entire families? Should we be seeing stories, as we have recently, of young children that have died because they went days without water? Of course, our law enforcement is blamed, but how could anyone allow a child to walk for days without giving them at least water along the way? Well, we here, at the border know who’s to blame and it’s not our Border Agents that risk their lives daily.

I’m certain I’ll receive some negative feedback from this but I thought It needed to be said.  I’ll continue to say it, to demonstrate that it’s not racist to want a border wall. It really is about protecting the citizens of this country, and even more, preventing those that exploit those innocents, for money, from causing more needless deaths. We need to do whatever we can to prevent not only the mass illegal drug importation to our country, but to do whatever we can to discourage those trying to cross illegally, for whatever reason, and put an end to this ongoing human tragedy.



5 thoughts on “Should We Build the Wall?

  1. OMG, had no idea you lived near Nogales!

    Yes, the US government should “build a wall” and intelligent people realize that “the wall” is really several different ways to protect the border and not an actual Wall with a “big beautiful gate” in it to allow the flow of certain immigrants to come through legally.

    Secure the border, adhere to our immigration laws and penalize our sanctuary cities, towns and states.

    Fully address the humanitarian crises with whatever funding is needed and with the cooperation of Mexico…it is my understanding that Mexico has been cooperating.

    Hold the Leftist politicians up for the hypocrites that they are on this matter and help the “woke” useful idiots realize that it is their policies that have long been causing this problem of illegal immigration. That and the fact that Conservatives repeatedly fall for their lies and promises and are currently more afraid of being labeled as heartless racists then in doing the right thing and holding with our rule of law.

    This is a most serious issue and our President must hold out until it is agreed to secure the border and the funding is fully designated by Congress.

    I know some people who have been affected by the shut-down and am sorry they are in this financial trouble, but we farmers and poultry growers are in far worse financial trouble because of the President’s miscalculation in the China tariff conflict…so suck it up as we are. There will be farmers and agricultural businesses and poultry companies that will end because of this past year and its being the culmination of a rough few years for those in agriculture. But this past year has been a perfect storm that is bleeding into 2019.

    A lot of the fellow citizens of federal employees have been sucking it up for years and while I feel sorry for the feds, I don’t feel that sorry for them. They at least have the advantage of knowing this could happen each year and so should always be prepared for it to happen… and they will also receive back pay.

    We farmers can only hope that something with China will change soon, that we can hang on, that the weather will be better and that maybe They will offer us more money for our product, as we cannot set our own prices but must take what They offer.


    • In 2013, I worked for a company that had a contract with the Department of the Army. Unfortunately, having a contract means nothing as the government had not appropriated monies for contracts. I was furloughed from June 22 – Sept. 25 that year. During that time, DACs (Department of the Army Civilians) also took a hit due to the sequester where 1 week of every pay period, they were off.
      Fast forwarding, After I came back to work, I was chatting with a friend outside about being back when this DAC we both knew came up to us and started talking about how difficult is was for her and her family during that time.
      I said, “But you’ve received, or will recieve the pay you lost then, right?” She admitted that yes, she had received the lost pay.
      My friend and I looked at each other and I said, “Well, I was off for 3 months and no one is looking to restore my lost pay”.
      She walked away.


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