Get Over It


I was just looking through my blog drafts. I have so many yet finished. Sometimes, I begin a post and then lose why I am even writing. Yes, it happens. The initial passion, or whatever it is, fades and I close the post, hoping to come back to it at another point in time. I could easily continue to write about the same old thing – atheism – but that really doesn’t interest me much nowadays. What is going on with atheism that hasn’t gone on for the past decades? Nothing. The names have changed, but that’s about it.

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Play Sports, Not Politics


Why are we insistent in politicizing sports events? I’m a soccer fan and it annoys me to no end that these teams in the U.S. and around the world virtue signal by wearing warm-ups with “Black Lives Matter” emblazoned on them and then before the match begins, everyone, players, coaches, staff, kneel. It’s disgusting and fans don’t care for it.

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Time to End the Chaos



Well, that didn’t take long. What mean is that the media blaming the riots on Minneapolis and other cities on “white supremacists”. No really. It seems be the go-to for media during the Trump Era because as everyone knows, Trump is a Nazi. All anyone as to do though is look at some of the video footage of those creating havoc, whether it’s in Minnesota, Georgia, Texas, California, or Colorado (among many). What do we see? People wearing black, with backpacks, wearing masks, carrying weaponry to destroy businesses. What profile does that fit? Oh, yeah, Antifa.

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Should Police Be Preventing Religious Gatherings?



It may sound strange for many readers here, but I’m about to side with Christians. There’s been a case recently, where a mayor has prevented Christians from holding drive up services. These are services where the congregants remain in their cars while tuning into an FM station to hear the service, or maybe lower their windows a bit. In each case the attendees remain in their own vehicles, at least attempting to perform social distancing. My opinion is that although these gatherings, these drive-in services may still prevent a threat to not only those in attendance but ultimately to the community, I can’t see that a mayor, any mayor, has the authority to prohibit these gatherings. It must come from the Governor of the state.

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Is it Time to Start Pointing Fingers?


Everyone wants to point fingers of blame when things go awry. It doesn’t matter what it is that went wrong, people seem to want to use hindsight to  say woulda, shoulda, coulda as they are pointing their fingers at the person(s) most responsible for whatever the occurrence was. A major hurricane? It’s got yo be due to climate change and the reason the climate is changing and spawning these horrific storms is a failure in the leadership of our country to do anything to reduce carbon emission that are causing the heat that results in these storms.

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