Am I a Nazi or Fascist?


For the record, I want to let everyone know that I am the most racist, anti-semitc, and of course misogynist that has ever existed.   I’ve been called all of those things, along with “alt-right” (I have no idea what that refers to). It seems to be defined by the accuser. I’ve also had  “Nazi”  thrown at me. Cool. If I’m a Nazi, then I know plenty on the left that would easily fit in that category. I’m for free, unencumbered speech, as well as the freedom of/from religion.  Protest the current government? Of course! Assemble and protest whatever  policies are disagreed with. That’s purely National Socialism, isn’t it?

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Twitter to Ban Political Ads. A Bad Idea.



We’ve all read that soon, Twitter will be banning all political advertisements on their platform. That includes both candidate advocacy ads as well as  issue advocacy advertisements. Some in the media believe this is a swipe at Facebook, whose CEO, in front of Congress, stated  that Facebook does not plan to perform fact checking on any political ads. Is Twitter’s decision a good one? Will it do anything to solve the complaints concerning false or misleading information that may be contained in the advertisement?

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Will We Let Warmongers Win?



Anybody see the awful quote from Hillary Clinton  in an interview concerning Tulsi Gabbard – without directly naming her, basically calling her, a combat veteran, a traitor? Really. Hillary Clinton referring to someone else as a “Russian asset”.This is the person that no one argues tried to collaborate with Russians, via a cut-out in the 2016 election to get dirt on Donald Trump.  Here’s the text of the relevant part of the interview if you missed it:

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Tulsi Gabbard? Maybe


I noticed someone on Twitter, earlier bad mouthing Tulsi Gabbard on her stance of the United States and regime change. This, I think was some journalist, I honestly don;t recall because I read it, and immediately dismissed the view. Why? None of those that desire an active US presence in Syria have any understanding of what combat operations actually mean. Sure, iut’s easy to say we should be there protecting the Kurds, and I am a supporter of them, but, years before we ever had troops in Syria, it was the Kurds that were directly in conflict with ISIS – while our government described them as “The JV Team”.

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I’m Not a White Supremacist



I reject the moniker of White Supremacy. I’m an older white man that in today’s political atmosphere, must be a racist, simply because of my race. It’s curious to me to see people that were born white in society to disdain something that they had no control over. Think about it: all of us, of any race or ethnicity are born that way. We didn;t choose to be white, brown, or black. I object to the idea that the condition of my birth defines me when those making these accusations know nothing about me, or anyone else for that matter. Unlike those that are white that discuss this problem in our country, I don;t walk around displaying my friends of color to show that I am not a racist. I don’t talk about race, to anyone, because I don’t care.

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