The Atheist Vote


do we need to encourage atheists and secular people to get out and vote? I see some people on Twitter, atheists, encouraging their fellows to make sure they vote because, if nothing else,  atheists need to somehow demonstrate first, that We Are Here. Then, possibly, there might be a bit of recognition of what is importnt for those of us that are atheist voters.  But how would anyone know who’s an atheist and who’s not? How about polling before the primary season? What we do know, or think we know is that most atheists vote or lean democratic  in the US. But do all atheists have the same agenda and would a poll of voting age atheists influence candidates at any level in future elections?

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The Democratic Conundrum: Biden or Sanders?


If you’re in one of the states voting today, which has been called by the media “mini-Super Tuesday” who will you end up voting to be the Democratic nominee  in the residential election this year? It seems clear that Joew Biden has a clear advantage. Why? He’s the safe bet. Why do I say that? He has no new ideas, and his campaign, the little I’ve seen of it, looks backwards to the Obama/Biden days, and doesn’t really have any substantial proposals for anything. People like that. They dislike radical change, which is what Bernie Sanders is proposing. Sanders wants to eliminate college debt, make public universities and colleges tuition free, provide healthcare for all, and is not afraid to talk about it and how he’s going to pay for his %55 trillion in expenditures over the next decade.

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Is Joe Biden Fit to be President?

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Addresses The DNI Whistleblower Report

It’s been a whisper among many in the media for a while now, but that whisper is becoming louder and more prevalent in recent weeks. It’s not as if hasn’t been known by all involved, it’s that it seems none want to come to a conclusion that is not based on anything but observation at a distance. The question has been, is Joe Biden fit to be president? Not physically, but mentally. His gaffes proceed apace where it appears, from this distant observer, that if not daily, almost every day. Some people like Joe Rogan and Trevor Noah (of The Daily Show) are openly commenting on their respective shows. Others in the media have suddenly become quiet, or are skirting the issue entirely.

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The Panic Over the Non-Pandemic


Seriously. I have no idea what to think about all of this panic over this new corona virus. I say new, because, well, as I have been informed recently, what we refer to as the common cold is a form of corona virus. No, oi’m not a medical practitioner and I don’t pretend to know what the possible consequences of this virus may become in the future. But the amount of panic that seems to be around tells me one of two things: We’re either being lied to by representatives of the government (CDC, NIH) or it’s as they say; an unknown right now that will probably end up affecting a lot of people in the US that many will not know that they’ve had the virus at all.

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Are Democrat Voters Sexist?


As everyone is aware now, Elizabeth Warren has left the race for the democratic nomination for president. It seems to me that she probably should have left earlier, after Nevada due to her poor performance but most especially after South Carolina. Look: She never finished higher than third place in any of the first four states and in fact finished below in all but one.  That alone should have given her a clue. But some people are just too ego-central to come to the correct conclusion that there. must be a reason that voters aren’t accepting the message from them. The message may in facy be positive, but the messenger may not be the right one to deliver it.

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