Podcaster Tells Audience, “Vote Republican”

I on’t know how much celebrity endorsements affect voting patterns, but there sure seem to be more than a few when we’re in election season. Personally, I could care less who the endorser may be. I vote for the person that comes closest advocating for issues that I am interested in having become law. I’m usually not surprised by most of the endorsements as we have the same old Hollywood crowd coming out for the democrats on the ticket. It doesn’t matter to them that the candidate(s) being endorsed happen to advocate for policies that actually harm the middle and working classes because, being rich, none if it will actually affect them (think climate change). So, surprise, surprise, another celebrity, this time a poscaster has come to make an endorsement – not of a particular candidate, but of a party. If you haven’t already heard, Joe Rogan has told his audience they should vote Republican this fall. Why? What he called “errors” in how they handled COvID-19. That’s probably enough a reason as more people have died under Biden than in the midst of the pandemic under Trump. Will Rogan have an effect over any voters? Probably some, but I doubt his messaging would be enoughto actually change the outcome of any races that are close.

Socialism, We Hardly Knew You

Ahh, socialism. For some reason after all of these decades of countries throwing off your shackles, there are those, yes, right in this country, that want to embrace the stranglehold of tyranny and deprivation that we’ve yet to experience. We used to see video of people standing in line at grocery stores in the old Soviet Union, waiting for their weekly ration of bread. Maybe they’d be lucky and there would be some cheese as erll.Meat? Not for the great unwashed: That was reserved for special members of the party, Tourists were also treated with care as welll because the. government wanted to make sure when they returned home those tourists would praise the bounties of the Soviet Union as well as socialism. But yes, we can still see the effects of socialism, right in our own backyard. Yes, it’s our old friend Cuba. We complain here about the cost of food and other goods due to Bidenflation, but in The Socialist Paradise of Cuba, milk, meat, and now bread are quickly disappearing from the dinner table. If we’re to believe anything heard in the news, shortages may be on their way to our shores. All due to our friends in the administration in Washington, and their lack of urgency in helping those that actually need help with what they’ve done with the economy. I guess it looks better to hand out money to the rich. Look familiar?

Every Time They Think They Have Him…

Uh-Oh. If this is true, the current anti-Trump media campaign can be wrapped up and they can then go on and attempt to create another Trump is a traitor narrative. I’ve never witnessed as much fear and loathing of a candidate, and in this case possible candidate as I have in Donald Trump. Is he the greatest politician ever to grace the American political scene? No, he isn’t. but when looking at who replaced him, maybe his thin-skinned reaction to being attacked by the press and other politicians, maybe he wasn’t as bad as some want us to believe. Personally, I’m still awaiting the sure-fire evidence that representative Adam Shiff told us for two years, he had, that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump was a Russian agent. Maybe they should’ve focused on Hillary, Comey, McCabe, Strozk, and some others in the Justice Department that may be better objects for investigation.

A Legacy of Hate

I think something I’ve noticed over the past few years is the utter hatred that democrats have for those that disagree with them. how often in the past several years have republicans been referred to as racists? Democrats have labeled anything they dislike, that doesn’t further their socialist agenda, racist. As you know, Biden has recently called republicans semi-fascist. I still don’t know how someone can be semi-anything. You either are a facist or you’re not. Of course, according to the administration, it’s the MAGA wing of the republican party that is instituting fascism and undermining democracy. It’s called gaslighting folks. There was no “insurrection” on 1/6/21, there were a bunch of idiots walking around inside the capitol building.. By the way, if that was an insurrection, what about October 2018 when (now) Justice Kavanaugh was going through his confirmation hearing and hundreds of people invaded the Senate office building and confronted Senators? No insurrection there, of course. But republicans are attempting to destroy America.

Investigations Without Consequences

We’re beginning to hear it all over again as the mid-term elections approach. Republicans talking about multiple investigations into the Biden administration/. I’m so tired of “congressional Investigations” simply because they amount to nothing. Ever. sure, a few senators or house members make a splash on television, but while these people are investigating, nothing is really being done for those that actually elected any of them to office. If there has to be an investigation, how about having one where there are actual consequences for the outcome? Wouldn’t it be great if the media held their feet to the fire concerning any investigation rather than cheering on one side or the other? Now that’s actually wishful thinking, isn’t it?