I’m Not a White Supremacist



I reject the moniker of White Supremacy. I’m an older white man that in today’s political atmosphere, must be a racist, simply because of my race. It’s curious to me to see people that were born white in society to disdain something that they had no control over. Think about it: all of us, of any race or ethnicity are born that way. We didn;t choose to be white, brown, or black. I object to the idea that the condition of my birth defines me when those making these accusations know nothing about me, or anyone else for that matter. Unlike those that are white that discuss this problem in our country, I don;t walk around displaying my friends of color to show that I am not a racist. I don’t talk about race, to anyone, because I don’t care.

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Faux Outrage




Something I’ve seen in my Twitter feed over the last few days is that Megan Rapinoe, a star with the US Women’s National Team playing in the world cup in France this year, was asked if she would go to the White House. Well, to leave out a little, ahem, language, the answer is no. Well, no one is forcing anyone that has been invited to the White House to attend, and that should be clear to anyone. I guess personally I find it ridiculous that this little video that has been retweeted I don’t know how many times, has become such a big deal. I’ve seen tweets of people referring to her a a brat, or unAmerican, all sorts of things (nothing particularly ugly).  But there’s at least one detail that people seem to have forgotten:

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What Do You Actually Believe?


Recently, I came across one of those online surveys (I’m not sure what else to call it) that after answering a series of questions, places the respondent into a certain political category. We’ve all seen these before, where at the end the person, based on their answers, are rated as liberal or conservative, authoritarian or libertarian.  the questions themselves are innocuous enough, very straightforward, as to what the person thinks/believes in several different areas. I was intrigued, as a conservative, where I would place on their scale.

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Getting a Little Perspective



One of the reasons I decided to start limiting my use of Twitter, is that there is some much nonsense out there, a lot of it rage posts, I decided I could only take it in small bites, instead of perusing the site constantly. It is amazing to me how much junk is placed out there, and that I saw retweeted into my timeline, that could easily be debunked if someone just took a moment to be skeptical. But no, in today’s environment, it’s preferable to be morally or ethically outraged than to stop, look around, and discover what the truth of anything actually is nowadays.

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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things



Over the years, I have written about the perils of groupthink. That is, that we must all have the same or similar opinion or be cast out of a particular social or political class and be assigned to the netherworld. I’ve always despised the idea that as a conservative, I must hold to certain principles, dictated by others to be considered conservative. I find the same being an atheist. I will use my limited talent for reason and logic to find my way and not be cowed into accepting what to me is something I determine to be unreasonable and ultimately illogical.

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