Debunking Charges of Racism


I just watched a recent video by Sarah Braasch where she’s beginning to expand beyond her personal story and discuss the toxicity of the far-left intersectional view and how that although hers may be a high profile story because it made national media, that the entire far-left agenda is based upon tearing lives apart based on the least evidence ever. It’s not as uncommon as many of us may have thought and in the last few years, the numbers of false accusations of racism has almost become an industry for some.

If we think back, it’s really nothing new (Tawana Brawley, anyone?) but that the increased numbers of accused should be troubling to anyone. Have we seemingly overnight become an overt racist society? I don’t think so and I don’t deny racism exists, but I think that the vast majority have moved beyond the bad old days where entire generations were raised to believe that a person’s color determined their character, and their status within society. We’ve come to a point where even wearing a Halloween costume could be considered racist, or at the very least, cultural appropriation and college campuses around the country regularly send out notices to their students during Halloween.

I’m not referring to making up in blackface, which yes, I would think inappropriate, but dressing as someone from any other culture. Remember a while back a young woman was berated online for wearing an asian themed dress to her prom? That’s how far it’s gone. Everything, anything, may now be asserted as racist. Of course, it’s only white people who are ever accused of ot because racism, by those same accusers is about power. Only whites have power, so…

All of this makes one want to be agoraphobic. Is it possible to leave your home and interact with anyone without a fear of being accused of something? We have to be so careful nowadays that it’s almost not worth the energy to even attempt to interact with someone of another race, or sex, even those that may have a different sexual orientation or gender identity. The victimhood industry is in full production capacity.

I find that what Sarah is currently doing exactly what needs being done. Alert the rest of us that not only is her story a fictive horror, but that there are others that go through similar circumstances daily.  These stories need telling. I hope she does a lot more on this and what I’d ask her, and I will directly, is that she not only continue this series, but solicit stories from others that have had similar charges made against them. Someone needs to stand up and talk about how these false accusations are having an affect on real people. And as she mentions in the linked video, these are not people of power, because if that were so, their lives wouldn’t have been destroyed.

It really is time for all of us to take a stand and call out the fake industry of victimhood, and come back to using what used to be called common sense in evaluating any of these claims. Of course there may be some that are true, but it seems, at least from my perspective, there are more false charges than there are true.

It’s hard for anyone to defend themselves against charges of racism. When someone makes an accusation, no matter how fantastic it may seem to be, the accused is always assumed to be guilty.  That needs to change.

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