It’s Atheist Day! (Ho-Hum)



So, today is Atheists Day. I had completely forgotten about it until I read this piece recently.  I recall actually writing about the proposal for a day just for atheists a year ago, and at that time I wasn’t too impressed with the idea back then. The problem is that no one cares. Yes, even most atheists probably don’’t care about a self-proclaimed day. It’s not that there’s going to be any media attention to the day just as there wouldn’t be if I declared today Jim Day. 

Sure, I’m cynical because atheism, at least for me is a personal conclusion. that I came to after years of struggling with religious belief.  I think it’s the same for most atheists. Since I wrote the above post, nothing has changed, at least substantially, with the general view of atheism and declaring a day will do nothing either. It’s okay if people want to gather and celebrate their atheism, I just don’t see it as being anything productive. It’s not a civil rights cause, at least not in the United States or most if not all western countries.

Yes, there is discrimination towards atheists. It may not be overt, but it’s there. As I wrote last year, I personally have never experienced it, as far as I know, but I do know a few people, even here in the U.S., that won’t be open atheists for fear of some sort of professional or social consequences. I don’t know of any violence perpetrated against atheists though so it’s not as if we go through our daily existence in fear of our lives. At least I’ve never met or read anyone that thinks they are in danger.

I hope that those that have gathered today, have a wonderful time. Me? It’s a really nice day here where I live and now that I remember it’s Atheists Day, maybe we’ll barbeque this afternoon.

Oh wait. We were going to barbeque anyway.



5 thoughts on “It’s Atheist Day! (Ho-Hum)

  1. I wouldn’t say no one cares, but I’d agree that most people probably don’t. From what I can tell, Atheist Day is little more than a PR thing by Atheist Republic. I think that’s fine, but that’s probably part of the reason relatively few know (or care) about it. It looks like they are hoping it will encourage more atheists to come out as atheists. Most who aren’t out don’t want to tell others because they fear negative consequences. Depending on where one lives, bigotry and even discrimination are still a problem. I sure as hell wouldn’t want a couple of my bosses to find out.


    • I just logged into Twitter to see if any atheists I follow knew about Atheist Day. I went back to early in the morning in my TL, then scrolled to the present. Only in the last coule of hours has anyone seemed to remember it. I agree that this is a stunt by Atheist Republic. I would be interested in seeing photos from some of those gatherings on their list. Think we’ll see many?


      • I don’t know if it was a stunt or not, but I took it to hear. See my comment I just made on the Skeptic Ink post regarding atheist day. I started Atheist Day ATX 2019.


  2. It’s because we don’t have a parade…

    I think I will call my dear friend, who is an absolute Christian literalist, Evangelical Pentecostal Baptist, so we can have a good laugh over it. But…maybe some atheists would consider that to be blasphemy.

    I don’t know, could an atheist get in trouble on twitter by making fun of Atheist Day? Haha, do the Irish get upset over those who make fun of their “religious” holiday that just passed?

    Enjoy the barbeque.

    I thought Chuck’s birthday was celebrated as a day for atheists. I missed that too, I think.


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