Ignoring Social Media Grifters



Sometimes, on social media, we don’t exactly know who our friends are and who’s just looking to gain some semblance of relevance.  Of course, that person may begin by seeming to attack something said, or something they know about the other person, only to come back and back down, slightly, by saying that they actually like the person they just made a horrible comment towards. some people may tend to believe that  this person doesn’t understand and of course is willing to continue a dialogue. This is probably not a good idea. That person is only looking for a moment that would raise their social standing among their sycophants.

I think we all fall into that trap, not wanting to believe that there are actually terrible people that will say or do anything to possibly gain our confidence, only later to use it against us. We know they exist, and there’s probably not a single person reading this right now that hasn’t come across one or more of these over the years. To me, they are more than just trolls, they are social media grifters. the people I describe as such have no other motive than to stir up some sort of contrived controversy. Some will actually make unsubstantiated accusations at another person without the least bit of evidence to present other than innuendo and rumor.

There’s really not much to be done with these other than to either ignore them, or, for instance on Twitter, mute them so that their comments won’t be seen. One thing the person under attack should not do is block, the grifter, as it only provides fodder for them to display to others that whatever they’re saying must be hitting home. The bottom line is to not engage with these people as no matter what, it will only be to the detriment of  the person defending their words or actions. Besides, why would anyone of honest disposition need to defend themselves, especially against someone that is completely ignorant  of the facts and isn’t interested in the truth?

Some are only interested in the narrative they’ve created for themselves and anyone that falls outside of that, is automatically guilty of whatever has been predetermined.  Attempting to change that grifters’ belief is not only an exercise in futility but isn’t worth the mental or emotional stress it places on the victim.




One thought on “Ignoring Social Media Grifters

  1. One simple preventive technique for Twitter is to unfollow anyone who boasts about who has blocked them. I usually start there and then mute if they persist in trying to contact me.


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