Some People are Social Media Hypocrites




It’s not unusual for any of us, at one time or another, to be blocked by another user on Twitter. I’m sure there are several over time, a few I am aware of, that have blocked me. That’s okay. I don’t actually take offense because I actually do not know any of these people. I might question the block if it were from a friend, but that has yet to happen.

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Atheism Speaks


When I write about atheism, especially my own experience, it’s not to convince anyone of any faith that they should give up what they believe and deconvert to atheism. The real reason is because it’s important for those that are believers that may read this blog to understand that essentially, atheists are no different they they are.  I’m unsure how many of those come here and read because I rarely, if ever, receive any comments on any posts from a believer.

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The Problem With Payments



I been following the controversy with Carl Benjamin, AKA Sargon of Akkad and his sudden permanent ban from Patreon. I’m a little late to this only because I was just made aware of it in the last few days. I found that odd, not that Carl is the greatest guy on the planet,  and I’ll be honest in saying I rarely watch any of his videos anymore, but I had never known him to be so out of place as to be banned in any way, by anyone.

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Atheists: Should We Bring Back #FF?


I’ve been thinking for a while about how we, as atheists interact on social media, mostly Twitter. There are some really great, exceptionally intelligent people out there that, to be honest, I find by accident. By that I mean I see them in a conversation of someone I currently follow. I look at their profile, and a sample of their tweets as well, and then decide whether I want to follow that person or not.

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Again? Government Regulation of Social Media?



Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.  – Al Pacino in Godfather 3.

It’s too bad that we’ve allowed social media to become so important, so much a part of our daily lives that when the platform suspends or even bans some users, we’re all up in arms about free speech and call for the government to become involved and regulate these various platforms like they are a utility.

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