Social Media is a Treacherous Path


Treacherous path

I’ve been wondering, since I wrote [this post] as to whether who I follow on any social media platform says anything in particular about me. I don’t think it means anything though other than in the meta. For instance, following someone that I perceive as smart doesn’t necessarily mean I am smart, it just means, that I find what that person has to say is interesting. But I do think our digital relationships, when it comes to political or social issues does say something about us as individuals probably more than we’d like to believe.

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Social Media: Engaging the Unknown



I’ve changed, somewhat, who I follow on social media, specifically Twitter. I’ve come to the acknowledgment of myself that I follow too many partisans and what I’d like to use Twitter for is to actually learn something that may be beneficial. I like to learn, to have to actually think about a topic I may never have considered before, instead of blindly accepting a view that I had always accepted as true, to have another person, someone that has an expertise in whatever field, challenge me to consider a different point of view that’s based on facts, determined by research in that same field.

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Sarah Braasch: Shadowbanned



Someone I consider a friend appears to have been shadow banned by Twitter. Yes, Sarah Braasch. She’s been on a one woman crusade of sorts to right wrongs perpetuated against her by Yale University, and several major media outlets. She tweets a lot about it, well that may be an understatement, because this is now become her life mission: to restore her name and reputation. Although I’ve never experienced the trauma that Sarah has, I have investigated her case in depth, and written several posts (here, here, here, here, for a start) in support of the dilemma she is in, by nothing of her own doing.  She is tireless in her effort, and should be applauded because many might, after the least effort, probably give up. Not Sarah.

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Is Social Media Presence a Civil Right?



So now it seems a person may be permanently banned by social media, in this case, Facebook, for just appearing in a video with someone deemed  undesirable. That’s not going to work very well for journalists, is it as they are always interviewing, sometimes on camera, people that many people may despise because of their views on a number of topics. Oh, wait! No, they won’t ban these journalists as their ideological positions fit within what Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms view as acceptable. I’ve written numerous times about social media censoring and have stated outright that these are private companies and have ban whoever they want. After a lot of thought and conversation with other people I know and trust, I think that position is simplistic.

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Think Before You Retweet, or Re-Post.



There are times when I log into social media, Twitter specifically, and scroll through my timeline that I see tweets that I think can’t possibly be real. By real I mean that it’s either fake news or some sort of joke/parody account. Of course parody accounts are usually self-described as just that, others that promote what turns out to be fake or incorrect information, seem to be less noticeable and some of those tweets will go viral in a short time without anyone  bothering to verify the content before retweeting (remember the Covington Catholic School debacle a few months ago?). So, I attempt to not retweet those that aren’t verifiable from more than one trusted source.

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