Monopolists FAIL to Kill Parler

So, I was perusing Twitter, and Parler last evening, just after posting this blog post where I discussed Apple and Googles decision to not carry the Parler app anymore and that I had read that Amazon, who hosts Parler on their servers, was going to shut the service down. I noticed tweets from various news sources that indeed, Amazon had shut off Parler. Well, no, they had not and I was surprised how someone would publish obvious fake news when all anyone had to do was access the site to see it was still up. There was even a message from the Parler CEO that this was going to happen, but not until Sunday. Okay. So this morning, the site is still up and now I’m reading it will be Sunday night,. Again, okay. It looks like Parler will have another host though and be back up and running soon (tomorrow). Good.

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Maybe It’s Time to Delete Our Social Media Presence. Maybe Not.

So, I’m not going to discuss, much anyway, the debacle that occirred recently at out nation’s capitol. Let me just say I was shocked by the behavior of some people and was saddened at the same time that this is what our country has devolved to in the past few years. There is no reason for violent demonstrations of any kind, by any ideologues of any type. It accomplishes absolutely nothing in the short term, and males people that may have had sympathy for a cause, walk away.

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Changes are Coming via the FCC

FILE PHOTO: Facebook, Google and Twitter logos are seen in this combination photo from Reuters files. REUTERS/File Photos/File Photo

So, it appears that FCC Chairman Pai is going to be taking a closer look at Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act in order to clarify it for the current environment we exist in, and in hopes that Congress will take up the issue as well, to make modifications to the law that would do the same.

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Don’t Be Fooled

I tend to forget, maybe conveniently, that what I read on any social media platform does not necessarily reflect reality. The same goes with podcasts. There are some podcasts that discuss topics meant to trigger the audience in some way. I often have to tell myself that what I’m reading or listening to is meant to receive clicks, which is good for the person that posts or records but that’s about it.

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Is Twitter Pornography?



I’ve been seeing some posts from bloggers as well as some so-called “journalists” on the subject of pornography. The question has been, “ Should it be regulated on the Internet?” there are voice on both sides of the question but beyond defining pornography  as sex, no has seemed to look at what pornograhy may be viewed as beyond that simplistic definition.

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