Getting a Little Perspective



One of the reasons I decided to start limiting my use of Twitter, is that there is some much nonsense out there, a lot of it rage posts, I decided I could only take it in small bites, instead of perusing the site constantly. It is amazing to me how much junk is placed out there, and that I saw retweeted into my timeline, that could easily be debunked if someone just took a moment to be skeptical. But no, in today’s environment, it’s preferable to be morally or ethically outraged than to stop, look around, and discover what the truth of anything actually is nowadays.

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Atheists and Social Media



I know I’ve been writing a lot about social media recently, specifically Twitter, and I promise I’ll make a move away from discussing the perils of those platforms but I wanted to add one more post; This is about being an atheist on social media. There are a lot of atheists on the various platforms, in fact, several that I have followed on Twitter are on almost every one that exists. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but I wonder, and have for a long time, what good it does?

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Moving Away From Twitter



So today was my first day basically off Twitter. Yes I did log in to check my notifications a couple of times and would have responded to anyone directly addressing me, but none of that happened.  I have a habit of tweeting out stories that I find interesting, whether I agree with them or not, but decided today, I would not do that. I want to limit myself on this platform to the extent that I think I can in that I do not want to become, again, part of the cesspool that Twitter has become.

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The Social Media Conundrum




I made a joke  to a friend over Twitter where I stated that I’m a sociopath and have no empathy for anyone.  Yes, the person  knew it was a joke and even liked the tweet because even though we’ve never met, or know anything about each other than what we’ve tweeted, this person knows that I was just kidding, For some people though, that same tweet may  evoke a different response. I know this to be true because in the past, I;ve made similar where I’ve received death threats. Not many, over the years maybe 3 or 4 but to me that’s enough to place me on guard.

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Should Government be Able to Suppress Speech it Doesn’t Approve of?



Should the government, any government that claims to be for freedom of speech openly advocate for the opposite simply because they happen to dislike a person, consider them a racist and a bigot? Before anyone answers, think about it as it may apply to you. You speak out  on a subject the government would rather you didn’t. Maybe you’ve been arrested for just openly advocating for what you believe is true. I’m not saying that people who incite violence on others should not be prosecuted, but what about those that just say that something, whatever it is, is evil?

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